Accueil Bonneau

by catherinegamache on March 21, 2016 - 8:28pm

I believe that Accueil Bonneau is a good volunteering opportunity for people who care about the homeless and who want to help them in their journey of reintegration in the society. The organization’s ultimate goal is to guide the homeless people into the right path. The workers and volunteers actively contribute to their rehabilitation and the exercise of citizenship. Moreover, the core values of this non-profit organization are trust, welcome, compassion, respect and solidarity. To become a volunteer, three opportunities are available for those who do not have any experience in a specific field: the dining room, the cloakroom and the reception. For the dining room service, volunteers prepare the meals, serve the food to the residents and wash the dishes. If a person volunteers at the cloakroom he/she will have to sort out the many clothes that Accueil Bonneau receives every day. Furthermore, at the reception people have to welcome the visitors. Finally, if a person has experience in hairdressing, shoe repair or other professions such as in IT, plumbing, cooking or social work, he/she is welcome to help the organization with tasks linked to their field of expertise. Finally, Accueil Bonneau is implicated in many other organizations such as the Housing Committee of RAPSIM. I strongly recommend this non-profit organization because they really need help and the more volunteer they have, the more homeless persons get off the streets.