How Can You Help Defending Falsely Accused Persons Through Volunteer Opportunities

by Sauro on March 21, 2016 - 9:46pm

From time to time, legal systems can be deceiving. In some cases, it seems that these legal systems may not serve the principle of justice as righteously as possible. For instance, some criminals could deserve harsher punishments. Moreover, and even more problematic, some individuals are falsely accused by the legal system their in. A falsely accused person is someone who was subjected to irregular criminal prosecutions when there was in fact not enough evidence to prove the crime. This individual may even serve time in prison or suffered from other punishment from a crime he did not do (ACDV). 

Fortunately for victims who have been falsely accused, charitable organizations exist to defend these people and to promote their human rights. The Canadian Association for Rights and Truth  (Association Canadienne pour le Droit et la Vérité - ACDV) pursues these exact objectives:

The goals of this organization is to defend alleged victims who have been falsely accused by pleading for their innocence, acquittal, and freedom. They also have for mission to consider the mental state of the alleged victims and their families who have suffered as a result of these difficult situations. Furthermore, they want to inform the Canadian public of human rights violation realities by facilitating the dissemination of information of alleged injustices. Finally, they have for objective to create a network between Canadian, Latin American and European human rights organizations to facilitate their mission. All these objectives are based on some fundamental democratic values and principles especially, the presumption of innocence and the ban on torture.

They are looking for translators able to interpret spanish and french. The documents that are to be interpreted are legal documents, official letters, journal articles, and petitions. They have no other specific projects for the immediate future.

They are located in Verdun, where the volunteering activities are held. 

For more information, please contact Laurence Bertet, secretary for the organization, by email or by phone 438 398 4846. Also, you can go take a look at their website