Smartphone-addicted people

by 043 TSwift on December 22, 2016 - 3:02am

How long do you use your smartphone in a day? Now, smartphones are spreading throughout the world, because they are like a small computer, changed from the button system to the touchpad system, and the screen became large. Also, according to the research of ‘Seed Planning’, which is a market research and consulting company, the number of smartphone users in 2011 was 872 million, but it was predicted that it would be 3,746 million in 2016. In other word, a smartphone will be a common item for us, but it’s not good to be preoccupied with it and spend many times to use it. Smartphone-addicted people have such characters. For example, 1) they become afraid that they don’t have a smartphone, 2) they bring it into a bath and a restroom. 3) they use it even if their mail receivers are near them and 4) they suffer from an eyestrain. How about you? If these characters apply to you, you may be one of the smartphone-addicted people.


Recently, not only adults but also young people having the smartphone are increasing. Even now, elementary school children have one. Possibly there are many risks that young people depend on the smartphone than adults, because they often make use of SNS. They often communicate and get in touch with people on Twitter, LINE and Facebook. SNS is very easy to use. However, if they use it too much, there will be some risks for them. First, it is the risk of insomnia. If they become addicted to the smartphone, they can’t let go of it, and also, they will use it from they get up in the morning to go to bed at night. The blue-light a smartphone emits is like the sun, so if they are exposed to the light, the brain gets activated. Moreover, SNS causes bulling, because there are people who say abuse to a specific person and run personal information without permission on SNS. As a result, it leads to break-up of friendship. Also, you may cause a traffic accident because you sometimes walk or ride a bicycle or even drive while using your phone. There are many troubles.


Also, I will introduce five ways to break smartphone addiction (Payne, 2016). First, when you get up in the morning, you should use the 30 minutes to wash your face, stretch your body and preparing a healthy breakfast. It is for getting out of bed and freshening up. Second, I recommended that you create no-phone time zone. The time we can concentrate is about 2 hours, so you should make that time. Third, you don’t use a smartphone during driving. You should protect yourself the most. Fourth, you make yourself busy, for example, making time to conversation with your friends. It is important to create the time that you can’t use the smartphone. Finally, it’s your hours of sleep. This is the most important thing for you, so don’t decrease your sleeping time. If you want to play the game on smartphone and send to someone e-mail, you should have priority sleeping.


           In conclusion, a smartphone is very effective, simple and easy, but if you make a mistake to use, some troubles may be reflected on your daily life. Becoming smartphone-addicted person is very risky. Sometimes, parting with a smartphone and challenging what you want to do may be good. As well as a smartphone, you will be able to find a pleasant thing if you enlarge the field of vision elsewhere.



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