Golden Pavilion

by 043 TSwift on October 31, 2016 - 11:32pm

Do you know Kinkaku-ji? It’s a temple in Kyoto. Kyoto has lots of famous buildings, temples and shrines. Among of all them, Kinkaku-ji is known as a very popular sightseeing spot by many people all over the world, and this is an eye-catching place. Well then, what are the history and influences of people in Japan and other countries?


First, I will talk about a history of Kinkaku-ji briefly. The reliquary hall whose central building is a beautiful palace is decorated with gold, so it is called “Kinkaku-ji” or Golden Pavilion, but actually a true name is “Rokuon-ji”. It is the temple built by Ashikaga Yoshimitsu, the third Muromachi shogunate in the 1390s. In fact, the retired shogun lived in shameless luxury while the rest of the nation suffered from hunger because of famine, earthquakes and plague. Also, it was destroyed by arson done by a priest on July 2, 1950, and it disappeared, so the Kinkaku-ji now was built newly and isn’t the one from those days. In other words, this is restoration. However, before the fire, it was not so gaudy as now. This was the construction which represents Kitayma culture; the culture developed the mountain cottage which Ashikaga Yoshimitsu, a Shogun ran in Kitayama, Kyoto in the Muromachi era, which is 1392 years to 1573 years, was registered with world’s cultural and natural heritage as cultural assets in an ancient city, Kyoto in 1994. ( Ieda, 2015 ) Kinkaku-ji has such a long history.


Second, why do people in Japan go to see Kinkaku-ji? First, Kinkaku-ji was built in Kyoto which is very popular as a tourist spot. Second, it is known to Japanese well, because there is a lot of exposure of each media. Third, it left somewhere of their memory as a famous place with the name, because the Ashikaga shogunate and Ashikaga Yoshimitsu appeared certainly in Japanese history education. Also, after a lot of people visit there by a school trip, they visit there again as a memorial place. Kinkaku-ji is a traditional temple for many Japanese people.


Third, why do people in other countries go to see Kinkaku-ji? First, they can feel and see a traditional culture in Japan. Second, it is easy to be included in a sightseeing course because there are many other different tourist spots nearby. Though it’s a temple, it is a tourist spot, so it doesn’t look like an ordinary temple. In other words, it lacks the solemn atmosphere. It is flashy and powerful. According to these reasons, Kinkaku-ji is loved by many tourists overseas.


Finally, Kinkaku-ji is a very famous and popular temple. Also, it takes eighth place by “TripAdvisor Best Attraction by Foreign Travelers Ranking 2016", but  I have never been there. If I have a chance, I want to go there. Kinkaku-ji is a famous eye-catching place in Japan.





Hello. I didn’t pay attention to fame of kinkaku-ji from Japanese people. Actually, many students visit there as a school trip or something, but I thought it’s more famous for foreigners. Kinkaku-ji is not merely one temple in Kyoto. It has a long history and its appearance fascinates many people. I have not visited kinkaku-ji, so I want to go to see there. Kinkaku-ji has an untold story, so I think it’s also a secret of the fame of it. Kinkaku-ji is stands out in Kyoto, so I hope more and more tourists will come to see it. Thank you for writing a excellent essay about kinkaku-ji.

Hello, I'm from Canada and i would like to say first that here we don't have good looking temple like the one you just talk about. I really like your essay it's really well written and you seem like you now a lot about english. Like you, i would really like to go there one day because i found really important that we learned more about different cultures. I hope we will talk again!

Hi! I'm Alex Bouchard from Canada. I wanted to tell you that I really like what you wrote about this temple, the golden pavilion like you said. I've never heard about it before but now I want to visit Japan. Even if your article is great concerning the content your structure is not what I expected. There are a lot of spelling errors or the structure of your text in general. However, I’ve really appreciated what your essay.

Hi, it is always interesting to read about culture from other countries, and as french Canadian student I would like to visit Japan one day.

Hello, my name is Virginie and I live in Canada. I really like the fact that you described the history of the temple because I find it really interesting. I really like to know about what happened in old temples and monuments because it tells us a little bit more about our world. If I go to Kyoto, it would be a nice place that I would like to visit because your description was very interesting and I’d like to see a part of the culture of your country. Moreover, even if it’s a restoration, it’s a beautiful monument and it would be impressive to see it.
It was a really good essay, thank you for sharing it!

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