Children should have their own cell phone or not?

by 016 Koume-chan on December 13, 2016 - 12:41am


Recently, many children have their own cell phones. According to Recruit (2013), the average age of children who have own cell phones is about 13.9 years old. I often watch they use them for playing games or ways to communicate. Actually, children who don’t play outside are increasing now by the rapid spread of cell phones. Some of them depend on cell phones, so it is a serious problem in Japan. I watched a TV program that was a documentary about young people who are depending on cell phone and try to get out of the situation. Thanks to this TV program, I’m interested in this issue. That’s why I’m going to talk about children who should have their own cell phone or not.


There are opinions which they should have one. At first, for children’s safety, cell phones are useful. Actually, cell phones are a lifeline when disasters occur. If people have cell phones, they can call emergency. Actually, once, I had called emergency by myself. This is because my friend suddenly collapsed. I called soon, so my friend was saved. I thought I’m glad I have a cell phone at that time because thanks to the cell phone, I could save the life and act soon. In addition, cell phones have a helpful function. It is GPS. Parents can grasp where my child is in. Another reason is a cell phone is a good way to get in touch with friends. It is very useful, and easy to communicate with people, so I think it is a necessity for young people. The next reason is a rare case. In case parents are divorced, a cell phone is a good way for children to keep in contact with both parents. I sometimes hear that children who have no fathers because of divorce can meet fathers by cell phones. Therefore, the child doesn’t feel lonely thanks to the cell phone. In my case, I live alone, but I can contact with my family easily. I think cell phones support family and friends.


In fact, there are people who think children should not have them. There are also three reasons. First reason is that cell phones relate to cyber bullying. Sometimes, problems of personal relations happen inside of this chat, so there is a possibility that it develops bullying by them. By cell phones, people can watch the bullying, and write some anonymous comments.  Therefore, it is a serious thing. Second reason is that cell phones inhibit true social interaction. Some children depend on cell phones, and they steadily don’t want to go out. As a result, a opportunity to communicate with people decreases. Hence, cell phone inhibits true social interaction. Last reason is it links to poor academic performance, and more anxiety. Several studies linked frequent cell phone use to lower grades and unhappiness. According to students at Kent State University in Ohio (2013), they linked cell phone usage levels to GPA scores and anxiety levels. The higher a student’s cell phone use, the lower the grades and the higher the anxiety. Many schools ban students from bringing in their cell phones.  If we have cell phones, and depend on them, it is hard for us to concentrate on studying. Therefore, cell phones relate to poor academic performance. Actually, it was easy for me to concentrate on studying and doing homework when I didn’t have it. However, after getting own cell phone, it was hard for me to concentrate. I experienced it, so I agree with poor academic performance.


To conclude, my opinion is that children should have their own cell phones. I already described some negative reasons. However, there are some positive reasons, for example, to prevent from, crime like kidnapping. Now, there are many cell phones with crime prevention measures, and also some other functions. Parents can restrict access to some sites which there are bad influences. I suggest that each family decide own rules. For example, how long can children use cell phones. When children study or do homework, they give their parents their cell phones. Children can use their cell phones only in the living room. A cell phone is a significant tool now, so they should have them.




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