The writer of Attack on Titan

by Yuta on June 23, 2017 - 2:11am

Do you know ‘Shingeki no Kyojin’? It is a series of manga and very famous among young Japanese people. However, this writer is not known by many people. The writer is Hajime Isayama. He was born in Oita in 1986 and his hobby is watching internet. Do you want to know him more? I want you to know him, so I will tell you three topics. First topic is why he decided to become a comic artist, second one is about Shingeki no Kyojin and last one is the reasons why he is cool. These topics are interesting, so let’s start from first topic.

Hajime Isayama is not active character, so he always read books at the corner of the class room when he was a student. His hobby was to draw pictures. It is one of the reasons he became a comic artist. He enjoyed watching TV. He said he did not have any special ability, so he did not have confidence in himself. However, his drawing skill was the best in his school because his pictures were evaluated by his class mates. He knew that there are different values and thinking outside of him. He grew up in the small village while he was a child, so he had just gotten information from his parents or teachers. One day, he was watching TV program that was about the world and he thought there were not only his small village, but also there are many countries around the world. This idea related to start writing Shingeki no Kyojin, he said. I did not notice like that when I was young, I think he had already had a talent as a comic artist.

I wonder how many people know about Shingeki no Kyojin around the world. At least, I am a fan of it and I have all of his comics. I think many people know its name because it is used for many situations or events in Japan. As a summary, it is a story that titans that are called Kyojin start to attack the town where many common people are living. This town has group of army to protect people from titan, but main character’s mother was eaten by a titan. At that time, he decided to enter the group of army to kill all of titans in the world. When I read it for the first time, I received shock and I wanted to read more. There are two interesting points of this comic. One is that there are many unique characters and titans. Of course, the main character is very important, but sub characters are also important, so I never got tired to of reading. Second point is some human characters can be titans. Main characters can be titans that is stronger than common titans. Also, other characters can be unique titans. For example, titans who has armor on that body, titans who can move faster and titans who can order all of common titans and more. These points are the most important of the comic. Do you understand this comic? If you want to know more, you should read it.

In the end, I want you to know the reason I chose him as a famous Japanese. One of the reasons is he and I grew up in the same hometown. It may not be a good reason, but it is very important for me. Another reason is he is very strong and he did not give up his dream. When he was a student, he could not do any sports, and his grades were not good. In short, he did not have any special skills or talent. He told us we have to find dreams and think what we should do to fulfill our dreams. If we have a dream, we can be stronger than now.

I told you about Hajime Isayama and his comics. Were you interested in him? Almost of all the comics have a main character who defeats their enemies or rivals in the end because Japanese people like this pattern. However, Hajime Isayama said he didn’t think so and he did not like to make usual stories. He thinks a main character has to learn difficult problems and how to solve them, so this story is made like a real human life. Through the comic, he wants to tell us not to give up. I felt I have to find my strong points and brush them up more during university student.




I know the name of comic and simple story but do not know detail. Many people around me recommend that comic. I know some characters and I am not sure but maybe the name of my favorite character is Makiba. Is there Makiba in Shingekino Kyojin? If it's not correct I am sorry. I think USJ and Shingekino Kyojin are collaborating now. I went there and took pictures.

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