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by Paul on May 5, 2017 - 9:55am

Japanese people always say about a place that has a beautiful beach, delicious foods, fresh fruits and warm temperature when summer vacation comes. I was curious about that, because I really like kind of that place and I tried to ask Japanese people about that place, “The place is Okinawa” they said. I was searching the information about Okinawa immediately and then I saw many good views and delicious foods. The most important thing is Okinawa has warm temperature, so I was excited to go to Okinawa as soon as possible. This time, I will explain about Okinawa.


Okinawa is located in the south of Japan. Okinawa is also a part of Kyushu area. According to the Wikipedia, Okinawa has 2,771.30 square kilometers and 143,941,913 populations by October, 1 2016. The weather is warm with an average temperature between 15 degrees and 31 degrees. It is the perfect temperature to enjoy places such as beach, castle and so on. The most important thing is the access to get there, because the only ways to go to Okinawa are by air plane and ferry, so it is very exciting to enjoy the views of sky or sea while on the trip


When you get there, do not worry about the spots in Okinawa. There are many famous spots that we can visit. Based on Wikipedia, there are three places that most of Japanese people always visit. The first is an old landmark and it is called “Shuri Castle”. Shuri Castle is located in Naha, Okinawa. It was built in 14 century and it was made of wood. It has many histories and opens to the public, so there are so many people want to visit Shuri Castle. The second is the biggest aquarium that has a shark, it is called “Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium”. It is located in Motabu, Okinawa. Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium has 26.000 number of animals, besides it was opened on November, 1 2002, so it became the oldest aquarium in Okinawa. Those two spots are very famous places to visit and there is one more place that we can enjoy the sun set. It is Ishigaki Island. Ishigaki is an island that has beautiful beach. Especially when the sun sets, the view is very beautiful and it has white sand. It is also known as a beach for diving and surfing too, so you will not be regretful if you spend so much time there.


Just like in tropical countries, Okinawa has many fruits like pineapple, dragon fruit, Okinawan mango and so on. There are so many tropical fruits that we can try to eat, besides tropical fruits are delicious and the taste is very fresh. It also contains so many vitamins, so it is very good for our bodies. In additional we could try to have Okinawa noodles. Sometimes it is simply called “Okinawa Soba”. It is the most popular food that we should eat when we get into Okinawa. Okinawa noodles have different taste than the noodles that we could have in Osaka or Tokyo, because it was made rather than buckwheat flour and completely with different dish like, boiled pork, fish cake and so on. It will make us eat more and more.


Summer is a great time to go to Okinawa with family or friends, because Okinawa has many famous spots and delicious foods, besides Okinawa has own vocabularies that Japanese people who lived outside Okinawa do not know, so it is very interesting to know new language while spending vacation time with friends or family. We can get new experiences in one of popular Japan’s islands as the next destination for travelling.




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I wrote an essay about Okinawa as he did. However, we researched very different places and foods. According to his essay, the taste of noodle in Okinawa is different from Osaka and Tokyo. I know Osaka's noodle and Tokyo's noodle are different taste. So I really want to try Okinawa's one. Okinawa is a little bit different from any other prefectures in Japan, culture, foods and language. So I think if I go there, I can feel like traveling abroad. i have never been to there so I am not sure but I really want to go to Okinawa.

When I finished to read your essey about Okinawa, I want to visit there someday. Although I have already known Churaumi Aquarium, I did not know the meaning of Chura. It is very interesting topic. I had been to Okinawa with my family when I was very young, so I did not remember what we did and where we visited.However, I could remember somethings after reading essey. He said there are many tropical fruits and I like fruit so much, so I want to eat Dragon fruit that I have never eaten. I could learn about Okinawa and I want to go there.

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