A Super Volleyball Player In Japan

by Konishi fan on June 20, 2017 - 5:32am

Are you interested in volleyball? Many people have played it when they were students, so volleyball is a famous sport in the world. Do you know Saori Kimura? She is a famous volleyball player in Japan. She is cute and a super player, so she is very popular. The reason why I chose her as a cool Japanese is that she never gives up and smiles whenever she had a hard time. In addition, she is captain of the Japan national volleyball team. Do you want to know about her more? Then, I will introduce her character , success and playstyle.

First, I want you to have interest in her, so I will introduce about her. She was born in of Saitama prefecture. By the way, her blood type is O, so she is happy-go-lucky . Many blood type O people don’t care about little problem and feel few stress, so her character matches with her blood type. In addition, the reason why she started volleyball is influence of her mother. She had played volleyball with her mother when she was a child, so she was interested in volleyball. She started to play volleyball seriously when she was 2 grade of elementary school student. After that, she went to prestigious school of volleyball both junior high school and high school. Now, her height is 185cm. It is tall enough to play volleyball. Maybe, she made an effort to grow taller. Now, she is 30 years old and got married with Hitaka Yujiro who is a beach volleyball player. They are both volleyball players, so they are very compatible.

Next, I will talk about her success. She was active as a leading member of a team when she was in junior high school, and she won a championship tournament of junior high school in Japan. She also won the Harukou championship two seasons running when she was in high school. Harukou is a big championships of volleyball in high school and many volleyball players long for participating it. I think she had been an outstanding player since she was in junior high school. After that she was recommended to join the training of the Japan national volleyball team. Then, she became professional. She grew up more. Japan could get a bronze medal in 28 years by her outstanding play in the London Olympics. She got 33 points and won against China, though Japan had never defeated China and they couldn't get even 1 set in the London Olympics. Because of her, Japan could regain strength again.

Next, how did she have playstyle? Briefly, she is an all-round player. Especially, she is good at serving. I often see her that she gets points with service ace which is to get points only by serve. It is very difficult for many volleyball players to get a point with service ace, because serve is the first action in game. Not dropping is important for volleyball, so everyone doesn’t drop ball easily. I hardly ever see service ace, so I think Kimura has a super skill. In addition, she is one of the main spikers. She has a supple body, so she can spike inside. No one can mimic her. She is as strong as men, in spite of her supple body. Besides, she has many tactics, so it's difficult for many players of the opponent teams to figure out where her serves hit. She is also good at defense. She is able to anticipate places of dropping ball, and she can judge that quickly. Her defense ability was evaluated all over the world. In this way, she can do all roles and has high athletic ability.

Next, I will tell you why I respect her. It is because she is a hard worker and she has spirit. She trained hard every day. She also doesn’t give up no matter what happens, because she would keep playing volleyball when she got hurt. I thought she is tough and strict with herself, so she could become one of the top players in the world. I want to be a great person like her.

To sum up, she has a good character, good skill and many success. In other words, she is a super player. She gave many people a dream. Maybe, many children who play volleyball admire her play. I want the media to tell her history forever. I recommend you should watch her play on the internet or other media.



I enjoyed reading your essay very much. I like volleyball and her very much because her smiling face is very cute and her play style is powerful, but I don't know her background. I learned more about Kimura Saori from your essay. I think she is a hard worker and she has a talent for playing volleyball at an early age. I was surprised to know that she won the champion ships two times in her high school life. I hope she will enjoy more great success in the future.

Your essay is interesting. I know about Saori Kimura but not detail. However, I think she is a wonderful Japanese and we are proud of her. I was impressed by her game in the London Olympics. You mentioned the team which was led by her did great playing then. It is very difficult to lead somebody and she achieved it. She made the most efforts of all of them, right? It is not so easy at all. I also respect her.
I was glad to know about Saori Kimura. I want to cheer for her forever.

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