Prince on Ice

by MtChrist on June 20, 2017 - 3:08am

Do you know which sport is the most popular in Japan? Maybe soccer or baseball is the most popular, butdo you know that figure skatingis gradually becoming popularamongJapanese? The number of players is not so many in Japan but many Japanese people really like watching figure skatenowadays. One of the figure skaters is famous not only among the Japanese, but also among many people living all over the world. His name is YuzuruHanyu. Very strong and very beautiful figure skater in Japan.  I will introduce why he and figure skating became so popular in Japan.  


Yuzuru Hanyu was born in 1994 in Sendai, Miyagi prefecture. He has an old sister. When he was four years old, his sister started figure skating so he also started with his sister. When he became nine years old, he won the tournament for the first time, and since then, he won a lot of tournaments, both in Japan and in the world. In 2006, one of the Japanese TV shows mentioned him in one of their corners, and he was known to be the "Genius Skating Boy." In that interview, he said ‘’My aim is getting the gold prize in Sochi Olympic.’’ His goal was already not winning in Japan but out in the world. His strength is the quadruple jump, which means turning four times while jumping. Only two or three skaters can do this move, so the reason why he could win so many tournaments is this jump. When I saw his skating for the first time, I was surprised because I never imagined people could dance so well on ice. 


He is sometimes called "Nobles Child on Ice" or "The A-Syura Wears Frill". His performance is so beautiful that people get attracted. Most of the people in Japan know him nowadays. Why did he become so popular? At first, he was only a boy who figure skates. In 2012, when he was 17 years old, one of the tournaments made him famous. The tournament name was "World Champion Ship". A handful of the figure skaters who have the power to fight in the world could this tournament, and he was youngest in history of Japanese figure skating. His skating theme was "Romeo and Juliet". Sadly, he could not win the gold prize, but he could get 3rd place. His performance "Romeo and Juliet" fascinated many of people, and then he became so popular. In performance, he sometimes made valiant face and many of the other times he was softly smiling. That change was beautiful, so I want you to see his performance, Beauty and the Beast. You will appreciate many things from his performances. 


What are his attractive points? I think  he has three attractive points. He is known for his elegant behavior, but his school days was not a wonderful one. When he was a high school student, he was bullied by his classmates. On one of the famous social networking services, Twitter, his classmates uploaded some pictures about bullying. He had to take many practices and also go overseas to attend tournaments, so he did not buckle to bullying. He was a very good student, because his scores were perfect in all subjects. And also his will to continue figure skating attracted many people.  He had many injuries, and the most famous one was in 2015 in China. In practice time, he and one of the Chinese skaters collided on the ice. They fell, and Hanyu was knocked down. He had another tournament in 3 weeks; he had a bandage on his head, and it looked very painful. He sometimes looked like he was in pain. However he continued to skate. He missed some moves, but his score was 2nd. His attitude of overcoming problems encouraged many people so they were impressed. He is very strong and beautiful skater but not only his play attracts people but also his personality does 



Now you know why he is a person who is being loved by many people. I think that he is famous enough to be called a Cool Japanese; not only his skill but also his attitude. He always keeps smiling on ice and during interviews. He attract people not only his performances but also his usual appearances. I think that people can leave from their lives while watching his performance. Through knowing Yuzuru Hanyu, many people know figure skating and how that sport is beautiful. Nowadays, he is known not only to the Japanese but also people around the world. He is just a prince. 







I enjoyed to read your essay. I also know about Yuzuru Hanyu. I think that he is cool guy and his performances are so fantastic! However, you mentioned he had a lot of injuries. While the game in 2015 which was held in China, I could not see him more because the injuries were so pitiful. But his performance and score were wonderful and a lot of audiences were impressed by him. I was one of them. I want to cheer for him forever.
Thanks to your introduction, I could know about him more than before. Thank you.

Your essay was interesting for me. I like figure skate, so of course I know Yuzuru Hanyu. I think he is really genius figure skater. Especially, I think quadruple jump is great. I cannot jump even one spin. I often see him on TV, and I think his performance is so fantastic. Maybe, I think Yuzuru Hanyu makes an effort everyday and praactice hard training. I want to be stronger both of physical and mental like him. I could change my mind, because of your essay. Thank you.

Thank you for writing interesting essay. I enjoyed reading it. Of course I know him, because I like to watch figure skating. I think that it is the most beautiful sports. I want to meet him because he is so hansom and he is so kind of other people. I like his performance very much. He has the power to draw people into his performance. It is his great point. I have seen him playing performance with Mao Asada in entertainment. A pair of men and women is very sexy. I like pair performance more than his personal performance. If you see the opportunity, please see it

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