If you could change one things about the world, what would it be?

by Muscle Konishi on July 17, 2017 - 8:57am

Do you know the number of children who can get some educations from parents or teachers? The number of children who can’t get some educations is 59million all over the world. According to the UNISEF study, children without educations can’t adapt to the environment when it changes suddenly. In addition, they might cause some problems to the societies such as homicide, suicide, cruel treatment and so on. This is the human’s crisis to keep our safety life. Now, we should start the “effective educations” to children to improve and solve this situation and problems. In this essay, I will argue the need for “effective education” based on the prospective view of the world without children’s education and how to put the “effective education” into practice based on the organizations and people who are trying to grapple with the better education.

Imagine that you lived in a world without children’s educations? That’s difficult to imagine for the people who got education, but the number of children can’t get enough education are increasing in the world. Most people are thinking that is causing only in developing countries, but also developed countries are facing that problem. In the U.S., if the children get the education one more year, the rate of violent crime would decrease by 12% and the rate of theft 11%. (Lance Lochner and Enrico Moretti,2004) In addition, in developing countries, some children who do not go to school are joining to the terrorist’s group and some girls suffers from sexual crimes. In fact, according to UNISEF’s research (2017, April 12th), the Islamic terrorist organization (Bokoharam) used the number of 30 children to do suicide bombing in 2016. The children who didn’t get education were brainwashed by them to do that. If the developing countries education for children started early and children could learn the terrorism is not good way for their life, the number of them would decrease. From these things, the world without children’s education will not make good things, on the contrary, children’s education will bring good things for this world. Therefore, we should find the best way to give the “effective education” for children.

As I mentioned above, I keep claiming that “effective education” is the key to solve and improve this situation. After all, what is “effective education”? It has three education methods for children. First, one is literary education. In this world, according to UNESCO’s (The state of the world’s children in 2016) research, there are 775 million people in the world who are illiterate. (Japan is 99.9% literate) If the children can’t read and write, they might be caught some bad effects in their life. For example, suppose the children go to drugstore to buy medicine, but they can’t read and write. When they choose the medicine, they might be recommended unnecessary medicines by a clerk and they might buy all of them. However, if they want to use these medicine, they can’t read a label or instruction. One of the medicines is “For High Fever”, second is “For Stomachache” and “For Headache”. They can’t use the right medicine by themselves. From of this thing, the illiterate might be threatening the children’s life. Second one is health education. In developing countries, most people don’t know how to keep their sanitary conditions and prevent some illnesses. Therefore, some pandemic infectious diseases often happen there. (WHO) Third one is moral education. This is the main point of the “better education”. Human beings are the only creatures that have a highly developed moral. However, there are not perfect things from the baby time. The moral will be developed by getting education. Many people say, “Children will often become like their parents.”. Of course, that is because of the theory from DNA inheritance, but I think that is not only DNA inheritance. However, the children education by parents will make their true moral. Moral education is the most important one for children to grow their right and strong moral.

We have to improve and put some ideas of “effective education” into practice sooner to help some children from their suffering. In developing countries, UNISEF (United Nations International Children’s Emergency Found) and UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) are challenging to help the children from worst situations. For example, they construct some schools, supplies some foods, clothes and water. In Afghanistan, they are trying to improve the situation of girl’s educations. In Japan, some organizations are trying to improve the situation of poor children’s education. In Amagasaki city, “Symphony” which is NPO (Nonprofit Organization) corporation is teaching to poor children. Like these, some organizations are trying to change the bad situations of children’s education.

Through these researching, I could reconfirm the need for the “effective educations” for children who cannot have opportunities to study due to their poor environments in this world. We start out to support the organizations which are trying to help the children from worst education situation. However, what can we do? We should donate the clothes, foods, water and money to them to support their activities. All children in the world become good people through the “effective education” as well as some supplies.

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