If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?

by MoXv on July 19, 2017 - 4:46am

When you wake up every morning, what do you do first? I usually check LINE on my smartphone. In the train for school, I often read the text messages on Twitter. After I get home, I cannot help touching my smartphone and I chat with my friends on LINE and Twitter by turns. To be honest, I feel tired from chatting on SNSs these days. Have you ever felt that SNS is such a bother? Japan has a lot of problem caused by SNSs, for example, bullying, leaking private information, and so on. I think SNS is not necessary for us. If I could get rid of any SNS from the world, what wonderful things would happen! I am going to tell you about the merits without SNS.

Without SNS, we would not feel stressed because we do not have to take care about it all the time. These days, we often see the word, “SNS tsukare” (mentally and physically tired in regard to SNS), which is used on the internet among teenagers. SNS problems have become a part of serious problems in Japan. I asked 20 friends of mine, and 16 of them answered that they have felt SNS tsukare. I think expunging all SNSs is the most effective method to resolve your stresses. Suppose you have friends who are always chatting on SNS with you. Have you ever had an experience that you make them angry when you are late for replying? Or you cannot concentrate on studying because the chatting disturbs you? These are the mental causes of SNS tsukare. The mainly physical causes are Blue light, which a dazzling light emitted from computer and cellphone. It has not only negative effect on your eyes but also on your health. When you are exposed the light a lot, you cannot sleep well and have a pain in your eyes. However, if SNS did not exist, you would not feel such stresses

I have another reason that SNS is not necessary. A typical problem is bullying. In July 2014, the tragedy incident happened. The girl left a suicide note detailing brutal messages she had received from classmates via LINE. (Japan Times news, January 2015) In other case, 889 people under 18 fell victim to sex crimes and other offenses perpetrated via SNS for half a year. (Japan Times news, October 2016) Largely unregulated SNS sites can be a dating sites easy for young people. Of course, LINE is also one of these. LINE was developed by LINE corporation in 2011. You know, on March 11th 2011, a big earthquake called the Great Higashi-Nippon Earthquake happened on the northeastern district in Japan. After a few days, the people couldn’t use any infrastructure of course tell phone and mail functions. At that time, Cacao talk and Twitter, which are pre-existing messenger services, played a big roll to tell us the situation of disaster or to make sure the safe of disaster victims. That’s how the representative of LINE Corporation recognized how important such services are. ‘LINE’ was named with desire to be the line connecting people, so I cannot bear that LINE was used in such an inhuman way. If we didn’t use SNS like LINE, I am sure that such horrible cases would go down in the future.

Leaking out our private information through the SNS is another serious problem. In April, LINE corporation said the information provided on 1,268 registered accounts included users’ phone numbers, email addresses and text chat histories. (the Japan Times news, April 2017) Users believe their privacy should be strictly protected. However, the corporation betrayed us even if the affair was caused by hackers as well as being exposed to risk of involved in crime if the information would be given to bad people. It must not be happened again and the corporation should strengthen the security more over to recover the users’ trust.

I want you to understand that SNS might threaten every one of us. However, it is very useful. Through the SNS, we can make connections with a lot of people in the world, and sometimes we can aware a danger fast. But what I really want to tell you is not to depend on SNS too much. If you could throw away SNS, you would learn that it is important to talk with people directly. Wouldn’t you like to start your new life without SNS?






In our technology based society, we often sign up for social networking sites and disclose personal information such as our phone number and our e-mail address without thinking about the possible consequences. This article brings up very good criticism about social networking sites. However, your text is supposed to be about the benefits of living without social networking sites (http://elitedaily.com/life/life-without-social-media/1182279/) but you never actually explain the benefits. You explain how social networking sites are hurting us and we can deduce the benefits but you only actually state a benefit in the first paragraph. I also suggest that you state what SNS is, in parenthesis perhaps, because you mention it a lot in the text and for those who don’t happen to know what it stands for, including myself, it would be useful. Also, you might want to explain what LINE is because although you may be aware of such instant communication app, to some, including me, a line is just a long narrow band.

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