If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?

by Tomoyuki on July 17, 2017 - 10:01pm

In Japan, there are lots of issues. For example, aging society, child abuse, death from overwork and so on. Above all, children’s poverty is changing for the worse year by year. What is the poverty? It is to be poor and embarrassed in life. Today, I will talk about one serious issue about children. We must save children from poverty. How can we deal with the issue? The government needs to give good educational opportunities to the children. Along with the idea, I will introduce the actual situation of children’s poverty and the result, why children’s poverty happens, solutions about the issue and the reason why I chose this topic.

Firstly, in Japan, according to the Saving Children from Poverty (The Japan Times, 2015), one out of every six children live in poverty. An organization for Economic Cooperation and Development survey in 2015 puts Japan’s poverty rate at 15.7 percent. Moreover, fatherless families were about 6.8% in 2012, and then their average incomes were 1,810,000 yen, so they are very low. The poverty effects to academic ability and psychological feelings according to the research result. A child from a poor family who has a talent will be hinder from a good education and opportunities to get a stable profession. In the case, future advancement and employment will become disadvantageous. In fact, they lose motivation for studying and they can’t concentrate on learning. As a result, poverty’s issue is becoming more serious and the poverty effects poor young people in the future.

Secondly, I will show why children’s poverty happens. That is because there are many parents who do not have secure jobs and are badly off. There are not many full-time jobs available and the Japanese companies are decreasing the number of regular employees. As for the reason, the bubble economy collapsed from 1986 to 1991 in Japan and businesses survived in a prolonged recession, it was necessary to decrease the number of costly full- time employees. According to Economic Affection, the company can easily adjust the amount of employments. Also, the intergenerational linkage relates to the problem. If the parents are poor, their child would not have a chance to receive a good education in school, and then he/she might fail to get a good job. They would fall to poverty even if when they become an adult. Therefore, as for the cause of the poverty, cutting down of the workers in company effects to the collapse of many families, and then the intergenerational linkage continues every year.

Thirdly, I will mention solutions about the issue. It is necessary that the government gives educational support, living support, employment support, financial support. For financial support, the government should substantially expand the availability of student aid such as scholarships and grants. It should not require repayment rather than offer loans that create financial hardship. For educational and living support, we have to make facilities in each school district where after school children can eat snacks or light dinner, volunteer supporters can teach children school subjects and so on. We have to reduce the children’s burden. For employment support, the government should make a system through which young people can get a job. The employment supporters have to work on enhancement of preparations for employment at educational institutions, assistance for transition period from school to occupation, acceptance of young people with difficulties by social enterprises and educational support after transition to occupation. Therefore, lots of supporters are needed to solve this issue.

Finally, I will refer to the reason why I chose this topic. I was interested in the issue because I want to become a teacher in the future. In Japan, the problem about poverty is progressing to worsen and this issue is the most serious problem for children in school education. If I get the job in the future, I must need to relate to a lot of children and I want to help such children. Thus, I chose this topic to think the problem of poverty’s aggravation.

In conclusion, I showed the actual situation of children’s poverty and the result, why children’s poverty happens, solutions about the issue and the reason why I chose this topic. We must save children from poverty. The government needs to give them good educational opportunities in order for them to break the intergenerational linkage. Not only the government but also people related to children including PTA, volunteer supporters, community groups and so on should work together to improve this issue. Therefore, if I could change one thing about the world, I would like to solve poverty’s issue.

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