“If You Could Change One Thing About the World, What Would It Be?”

by mintoo on July 11, 2017 - 2:49am


Has anyone ever wondered how money came about? It is said that money was first created in ancient Turkey. One main purpose was to use these newly created metal coins to trade with merchants who had travelled by sea. These coins were given their own values, and became easier to buy and sell. However, this specific invention has become one of the many major problems in the world. Sometimes I wonder why we have to depend on money so much, and why everything has to be related to money. This led to my opinion; if I could change just one thing in this vast world, I would like to remove the existence of money itself. But money is such a tempting thing to have, many might think, so why? For one, because of money, many families are facing the danger of breaking up, or have already broken up. Additionally, people are becoming unsocial. Two, because of money, sleep deprivation is becoming a very common thing. I daresay it could be as common as the occurrence of colds. Three, because of money, poverty actually still exists in many parts of the world.


How, actually, can people be described or divided using the term “money”? People who are miserly are known to not let themselves spend money. They are secretive and extremely wary about the usage of money. There are also people who avoid money. Surprising, is it not? Money makes them scared, disgusted and anxious. In fact, they think that they do not deserve to hold on to money, and that the latter has a bad influence. Let us take a look at the statistics. In a “Stress in America” survey (Harris Poll Organization, 2014), apparently 72% of the answerers were stressed about money, and to 18% of them, money is a taboo subject to be raised. In the United Kingdom, another survey showed that 38% said that financial worries led to more arguments and stress (Relate Charity, 2012). As people are constantly thinking about money, they become more self-sufficient, seldom ask others for assistance or help, and tend to be more self-centered. It is hard to get close them as they are not interested in relationships or socializing. It was pretty interesting to know that humans can be divided into different groups, depending on their personality. I have always thought that financial matters are a huge cause of broken families, and the results from the surveys have proved my doubts true.


The next issue is related to money’s effect on health, or specifically, sleep deprivation. In a poll conducted in March 2014, 71% of the Americans who participated in the survey confessed that they were worried about finances, and that it interfered with their sleep (Harris Poll, 2014). Some examples of their worries include insufficient savings, job issues, debt, and credit. While many are not aware of the danger of sleep deprivation, it actually makes one feel mentally tired and stressed. Furthermore, concentration and work performance will be affected, and possibly lead to accidents. In other words, while the issue of sleep deprivation is being belittled, it is actually a life and death matter. To further prove this statement, in yet another survey, 51% of Americans with an annual household income of at least $75,000 reported sleep loss due to financial issues, which is much less than  the 69% of the Americans with an annual household income below $75,000 (CreditCards.com, 2015). If we were to eradicate the existence of money in the world, there would be fewer cases of sleep deprivation, and people would not be putting their lives at risk.


If there were no money in the world, there would be no poverty. Did you know? Every hour, more than 1,200 children die, but the media does not mention it (The World Counts, 2017). This year, as I am writing this, more than 6,000,000 child deaths have been recorded, and it is still going up (The World Counts, 2017). Their deaths caused by poverty are more than enough to form a country, and they are only children. More than 3 billion people have less than $2.50 to use per day, and about 1.3 billion get to use less than $1.25 per day (The World Counts, 2017). Some reasons of poverty are the lack of food, hygiene, clean water, proper health care facilities. If some of us find it difficult to cope with paying rents, bills, fees, and fines, can you imagine how much more difficult it is for those who are underprivileged? They do not have the opportunity to understand more about poverty, hygiene, and about the problems they are facing. If there were no money in the first place, could we have made life easier, especially for the children who are on the verge of death? Would we be able to provide for one another, and support one another better? 


There are many things in the world that are creating conflicts and troubles among us, and the biggest notable issue is the existence of money. It is causing family problems, decrease of socializing, increase of cases of sleep deprivation, contributes to poverty, etc. If we did not have money, we would have less problems to worry about, we would not have to fight with one another for money power nationally and internationally. Besides, when we die, no matter how much we have suffered and endured, the wealth does not go with us to the afterlife.




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