What we can do for Fukushima

by 020 Koki on June 25, 2015 - 4:20am


     The Grate East Japan Earthquake happened on March 11th in 2011 when I was a third year student in junior high school. The incident was a shock to Japan and the whole world, so it became a serious problem for not only Japan but also the whole world. The major earthquake with a magnitude of 9.0 caused the big tsunami. They did a lot of great damage in the area for example, many buildings were destroyed, many people drowned and were killed. Because of them, Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station also suffered a big damage. Fukushima prefecture still has many big problems now. This time, I would like to tell you about the present condition in Fukushima, and please think with me about what we can do to help Fukushima. First, I will write about the present condition in Fukushima, secondly about what big problems Fukushima has, thirdly about what we can do for Fukushima, and then I will write a conclusion.

     First, I will focus on the accident that was caused by Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station. How did the disaster happen? When the earthquake and the tsunami happened, a very serious nuclear accident with radioactive substances occurred, and polluted water was flowing to the ocean. In addition, the radioactive substances have been polluting the Fukushima area since the accident happened. People cannot see and feel them, so they are too dangerous for people and if they go to the area, they must wear a special clothes like a spacesuit to protect them from dangerous accidents. However, it is difficult for us to stay a long time, so people can stay there for a short time in order to go to their home to find their important things and so on. I hope I was able to give you a better image of the present condition in Fukushima

     Secondly, I will write about what big problem Fukushima has. As you might guess as I have mentioned in the first body, it is very difficult for us to clean this area. It will take a long time until they can live safely in these areas. This is a big problem for them, but these areas are starting to recover. 

     Thirdly, I will write about what we are able to do for them. If the media told us more about the present situation, we could think about what we can do to help. I want them to expose the whole truth about the present condition of Fukushima. I think they hide much information (maybe better many facts), so we cannot get more information. If they tell us the truth thorough the media like the TV, we can think about what we can do. I think we can help them to work by working as a volunteer, providing relief goods like water and food, and so on. Some areas are recovering, but some areas are not, so we should help these areas.

     In conclusion, this problem is difficult for us, but we can do something for them. Let’s think deeply about it and do what we can do. Thank you for reading. 






I read your essay. The Great East Japan Earthquake happened when I was a second grader of junior high school. I was very surprised and shocked when I watched the TV which represents the scare of damage. Also, I live in Himeji city and it is said that Himeji is under the fear of great earthquake. People live in Himeji worry whenever it will happen. The Great East Earthquake is familiar with us, so I thought there's something we can do for people in Fukushima. If I have an opportunity to go to Fukushima, I'd like to help people live there.

I also remember that day. That day was when my graduation of junior high school held. I was very surprised because I hadn't imagined that such a big earthquake happen. I thought your ideas was good for people who live in Fukushima. I thought about it after I read your essay. At first, I found that I can nothing without some helping of institutions. but it was false. I think we can be a leader since we became university students. SNS becomes convenient more and more so we can find comrades more easily. Someday all student of our university will act something for the suffer in Fukushima .

It was a very interesting essay to read. The earthquake was disastrous indeed. If I get the opportunity, I will want to go help them.

Hi Koki,
I just wanted to highlight the following thing about your text : the three last lines of your second paragraph seems like an Appeal to Pity. It is OK to explain us how things are going on out there, but the ending of the paragraph (especially the very last sentence) makes me feel like you are trying to convince the reader to act on the moment. I am not saying that there is nothing to do there, but according to me, you should explain us the situation in a more objective way.
Have a nice day!

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