The serious problem spreading from Japan

by 005 Yohei on June 21, 2015 - 8:59pm

When the earthquake happened nobody could imagine about such an awful disaster that would happen after it. There was a nuclear power plant in Fukushima when the earthquake has hit the Tohoku area. Because of the earthquake this plant was damaged and many thing happened. I’ll explain what happened by the earthquake, and what were the impacts to Japan and foreign countries.

At first an earthquake happened in March 11th 2011 2:46 PM. This earthquake is now known as the Great East Japan Earthquake. A tsunami happened because of this earthquake too. The highest tsunami’s height was over than 40m and hit the Tohoku and Kanto area’s seaside. It also damaged the cities, but more disasters were caused by the earthquake too. Liquefaction, Land subsidence, and Dam break happened from the shaking of earthquake. All of these disasters were awful and harmful for people but one more worst disaster happened. It was the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident. Disasters are all awful and harmful, but this particular one was the worst and affected many people in the Tohoku area, specially the people who lived near the nuclear plant. The plant was attacked by a 14m-15m tsunami and was destroyed all of the power control. By this disaster the nuclear plant was badly damaged, and the radioactive materials were scattered in the environments.

Because of the scatter to this area was discriminated by many people in this country. Many people started to avoid to buy the vegetables which was made in near to the nuclear plant. Also many people who was born or who lived in the area was discriminated by others. The reason why they are discriminating the people are because they believe that radioactive material will infect them too. Although some researchers show that the radioactive material isn’t affecting the people so much that they’ll cause sickness. But this affected the economy of the Tohoku area because many people stopped to buy vegetables and fishes which are fresh products. Also the hotels and accommodation were forced closed because of the damage so that affected damaged the economy too. People weren’t affected by the radioactive materials but many people died from the disaster. The Tokyo newspaper wrote that 789 people died from the stress for refuge life because of the nuclear accident. Also this was wrote in 2013 so the amount of the people might be more than this.

The nuclear accident also affected foreign countries. Nowadays people in North America, or in 1,500 kilo meters off shore of British Columbia cesium-137 can be detected. From this you can see that the radioactive material which were scattered in the ocean have spread all over the world. Some countries has stopped to import foods from Japan from the afraid to the radioactive material.

For conclusion the nuclear accident in Fukushima was an awful accident not only for Japan but also for the world too. This accident was able to prevent by establishing the plant to a place it far from the ocean or by a fast treatment. This kind of accident might be eliminated, but nobody knows. So we have to think about anything before we do things.




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