Problem of Fukushima

by 018 Saya on June 25, 2015 - 4:38am

Have you ever experienced big earthquake? I have never experienced it. In the future, very big earthquake may be happen in Tokyo. If the big earthquake happen, Japan would have a lot of trouble. I think most Japanese people forget about the very big earthquake which was happen in Tohoku area recently. Today, I would like to think about a big earthquake which was happen in Japan, and the current Tohoku area’s situation. After that, I am going to tell you about my opinion for the problem.
First of all, I would like to tell you about East Great Earthquake. Four years ago, the very big earthquake happened in Tohoku area in Japan. It is called East Great Earthquake (Tohokudaishinsai). The magnitude 9.0 earthquake and a nine meter high tsunami struck this area. The number of fatalities from the earthquake and tsunami reached 16,000, and the missing reached 3,600. As you know, this big earthquake and tsunami made big influences on the people in the world. Even now Tohoku has a lot of problems. For instance, there are a debris problem, temporary housing problem, environment issue, and so on.
In those problems, I would like to pick up the environment issue, and consider about it. The reason why I pick up the problem is it influenced on Japan and other countries. Fukushima prefecture in Tohoku area has the nuclear power plant which is called Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station. When the big earthquake happened, it stopped working, but a lot of radioactivity leaked from the nuclear power plant. Then, after the earthquake, the people who lived there couldn’t go back to their house from the regional evacuation center. Of course one of the reason why they couldn’t go back to their house is that damaged by tsunami, but another reason is radioactivity. It polluted not only air, but also water, and a lot of fishes, cereals and vegetables were exposed to radioactivity too.
I think this is very serious problem, because farmers who live in Fukushima cannot sell their vegetables and cereals, and fishers cannot sell fishes not only Japan, but also other countries. Many Japanese people do not try to buy the vegetables, cereals and fishes. They are afraid of radioactivity, because it is likely to cause cancer. I think the few consumption is very difficult problem. When I buy foods, I don’t care about production area, because I don’t think it is dangerous. I think the amount of radioactivity for each food is little, so if I eat the foods which include radioactivity, I would not to catch a disease such as cancer and leukemia. I think Japanese people care too much for the foods.
In conclusion, Tohoku area still have a lot of problem. Anyone knows when the problems are going to solve. Japanese people have to buy the products which were made in Tohoku area. Four years past from the big earthquake, but we shouldn’t forget about it, and I think what we have to do is help Tohoku. There is something that we can do for help the people in Tohoku.

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I have never experienced big earthquake with you. i could anderstand many things about the risks.
And i could understand the peoblems which are that when big earthquake at Tokyo.

Hi Saya, I read your article. I know problem of Tohoku area. Because East great earthquake was very big news in the world, and I’m Japanese. East great earthquake gave bad problem. I often watch news about the earthquake. I know radioactivity made many distress. I hope those problem to be improve.

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