Light will come into Fukushima

by 021 Atsushi on June 25, 2015 - 4:23am

     4 years has pasted after the Great East earthquake. A lot of areas were damaged by tsunami. Unfortunately, cause of damage is not only by tsunami. Fukushima nuclear power plant was broken and a lot of radioactive rays were released. Still a lot of people are in trouble, for example a lot of people can’t live in hometown if their houses are in near area with Fukushima nuclear power plant. Also, there are bad rumors about food. I think that damage caused by a rumor is biggest trouble for people who live in Tohoku.  As I wrote some points, I pick up the current situation in Tohoku in this article. Let’s think about Fukushima.


     First, let me pick up damage caused by a rumor in Fukushima. At first, please search “Fukushima water” in the Internet. You will find a lot of searching results. In the results, I want you to go to site (I put URL bottom of this article). I hope you read the article. After that, I want to ask you a question. What’s your feeling after watching video in the website? I guess that your heart is mixed a lot of feeling. When I watched the video, I was so sad because the movie was silly too much. I have to opposite this video. However, I could understand why creator made this video. I guess this is foreigner’s image for Fukushima. When Japanese government invited Olympic last year, Prime Minister Abe said “We can control radioactive” but foreigner don’t believe it. Even some of Japanese opposite it, foreigner can’t accept it. Through this video, I thought that we have to change their image and settle this problem quickly.


     Second, the area where is near to Fukushima nuclear plant is still danger. Still a lot of towns are registered as high radioactive area so people living the town have to evacuate. Actually when I went to Tohoku, there were a lot of temporally houses. However, I thought that already those houses are disappeared and there isn’t any trouble about house. Unfortunately my guess was spoiled. Even after 4years, local people in Fukushima have some troubles. What kind of support can we do? I want to help them and consider how to solve this problem.


     Third, a lot of Japanese don’t have high conscious for Fukushima. Just after the Great East earthquake happened, everyone worried about Fukushima and gave them a lot of supports. However, please look out over around you. Who are treating for Fukushima? I can’t find the people, of course I have to reflect too. Recently we seldom watch news about Fukushima by media, for example TV, radio or newspaper. I’d like to pay attention to news related with Fukushima.


     In conclusion, I picked up three problems about Fukushima. Fukushima has damage caused by a rumor. There are some areas where is near to Fukushima nuclear plant is still danger. A lot of Japanese don’t have high conscious for Fukushima. Let me suggest that we have to think about Fukushima much more. In this time, I picked up only bad things but Fukushima has a lot of good points. Please search good points in Fukushima too and spread the information for everyone.







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I read your good article. You wrote problems of Fukushima details. I think that Fukushima has damag caused by rumor. It doesn't have proof. I think that all Japanese people should not believe any rumors. They have to consider and reaserch by themselves. It will solve one of problems. Thank you for good writing.

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