Impact of Fukushima disaster

by 017 shiina on June 25, 2015 - 4:33am

When I was a 3rd grade student of junior high school, I was surprised by regarding the Great East Japan Earthquake. I thought this disaster will be very huge damage of Japan. I watched a moving picture of the disaster, I had never watched such a scene ever. I think this disaster gave us a very big impact in the world. I want to write my opinion about Fukushima’s impact and issue from now.
     After the disaster, one of the biggest accident was happened in Fukushima prefecture. The nuclear of Fukushima was damaged by the disaster, and one of a turbine was broken. By it, the radioactive substance was leaked out. All of the world worried about problem by the leaked out. According to such a problems, all of Japanese nuclear power station’s working was stopped. Then a lot of people thinks that Fukushima’s water and town is contaminated by the accident of the nuclear even now. I think we should not have a prejudice that Fukushima is contaminated. In fact, the accident was happened in a past, but that was story of the past, so we should think Fukushima is getting better. However we still have a lot of problems, rubbles, images, and so on. Especially, a refugee is very big issue of Japan. When the disaster was happened, we have about forty seven thousand refugees. Actually the refugees are decreasing now, but we still have about twelve thousand refugees. I think that the refugee is the big issue of Fukushima.
     Next, I would like to talk you about an impact of Fukushima for foreign countries. In fact the impact was so big, maybe people might have a prejudice to Fukushima. I guess the cause is Chernobyl nuclear disaster. This disaster was happened in 1986, and many people were shocked very much by this news. I guess the reason of why people worried about Fukushima is related in Chernobyl nuclear disaster, because Chernobyl disaster made people scary when it happened. The disaster contaminated a huge areas, so maybe people thinks such a happening well happen again by Fukushima disaster. I guess that is impact of Fukushima disaster. 
     Next, I’m going to write my opinion about Fukushima disaster. I think we shouldn’t have an image that Fukushima still has a contamination things, in fact Fukushima had it in past, but it was resolved already. I think Fukushima disaster is one of turning point of Japan, actually we had a one of big disaster in past. The disaster is Han-shin Awaji Earthquake disaster, it also gave us a big impact and damage, but I think Fukushima disaster is bigger disaster than Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake disaster.
      In conclusion. Fukushima prefecture still has a lot of problems, especially refugees are the biggest issue of Fukushima. The world was impacted by Fukushima disaster, and I think the world still has a prejudice of Fukushima. Actually Fukushima disaster was a huge disaster, but we shouldn’t have a bad image, because Fukushima’s people have made an effect since disaster. In my opinion, we should think “what can I do for Fukushima?” by so doing the problems will resolve soon.


Hi Shiina, I'm not Figoni. I'm Bata. My PC broken, so I use teacher's PC and write the comment yor eesay. Your eesay is beautiful. I can easy to understand. Your opinion is interesting. We should equipped natural disasters everyday. I hope the best for you.

When I was a junior high school student, the Great East Japan Earthquake happened. I couldn’t imagine that earth quake was so big and painful before I get information from TV or Internet. I was surprised too and became sad. I do agree with your opinion that we shouldn’t have prejudice of Fukushima, and I want to etch this phrase “what can I do for Fukushima?” in my heart forever.

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