The Fukushima’s Situation

by Keiichi on June 21, 2015 - 9:00pm

The Fukushima’s Situation

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     Four years ago, a huge earthquake happened. An almost all of the prefecture where locate in east part of Japan was suffered from the huge earthquake. In addition, the earthquake made a huge tsunami a number of times. How much damage were made by them? And why does the place and people were damaged by the earthquake and tsunami are living strongly?


This earthquake is called “Higashinihon-Daishinsai” in Japanese. I guess the earthquake will go down in the world history because when the earthquake was happened, a lot of people who live in all of the world were so surprised and shocked by the disaster. When the earthquake happened, a lot of houses were collapsed, some of main streets were splits and a lot of utility poles were toppled.  Almost all of the victims lost their mainly life line then. The scary scene of the earthquake and tsunami was showed by TV many times. Perhaps a lot of people remember the scene. When the earthquake and tsunami happened, I was a junior high school student. I couldn’t believe it was true, so I felt the scene was like a lie. These big tsunami attacked “Fukushima 1st nuclear power plant of Tokyo Electric Power Co.” The accident made a very serious situation. The atomic reactors were broke. The broken atomic reactors can’t refrigerate, so No.1 furnace, No.2 furnace and No.3 furnace were melt downing. A lot of radioactive materials were spread, the people who lived around the Fukushima 1st nuclear power plant were limited the area where they can go by government then. It was so painful for the victims because they must be live in shelter with other victims, so they need spiritual support items.


But now, the situation of Fukushima is a little recovered. Of course it is not perfect, a lot of people has trouble now but, it is much better compared to the time. The government cleaning rubbles. Why the people live in Tohoku could revival? Fukushima prefecture covered with a lot of snows during a long winter, and they helps each other when the snow falls. If people grow up there, they tends to become a cooperative and patient person. I think that these personalities are the reason of their revival. I guess that if I was suffered it and being in the same situation, perhaps I can’t endure.


     In my conclusion, the disaster was leaved so huge damage to Tohoku, especially Fukushima. These damages seems to be almost recovered but, in fact, there has a lot of problem now like a rubbles, radiation and more. We must not forget the fact and the disaster to take advantage of the next generation.

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