Fukushima nuclear power

by Puppy on June 25, 2015 - 4:33am

     Do you know the Fukushima nuclear disaster? The accident have happened due to the Grate East Japan Earthquake happened on March 11th in 2011 when I was a third year student in junior high school. This time, I was shocked by this incident, and also Japanese and the whole world people was shocked it. So this problem became the serious problem, and now not only the Japan but also all over the world is influencing it, so I will explain about Fukushima nuclear disaster, and what were the effects to Japan and foreign countries.
     At first, I explain about Fukushima nuclear disaster. It occurred when the plant was hit by a tsunami that had triggered by the magnitude 9.0 the Grate East Japan Earthquake. Reactor building of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear was damaged by hydrogen explosion in a nuclear reactor, a large amount of radioactive substance was spreading. Amounts of radioactive material was recorded the most serious Level 7 on the international nuclear event scale similar the largest nuclear incident since the Chernobyl disaster in April 1986. Deaths gone more than 1,700 people at the center for the elderly in evacuation. Also area within a radius of 20 km from the place of the accident was off limits as a rule is specified in the security area. Moreover area of out of range the 20 km, was set deliberate evacuation area, emergency evacuation preparation zone, and specific evacuation encourage point based on the amount of radiation. Also the government sent the many support in Fukushima. However, it is said that it will take decades and billions of dollars to make this place safe again.
     Next I explain about the effects received to the Japan from nuclear disaster. Fukushima nuclear power plant accident has brought a lot of effects in Japan, the environment, food, and impact of human body by the radioactive substance social and economic impact, and harmful rumors and evacuation of residents and so on. Moreover in Japan was detected radioactive substance derived from nuclear accident from food and tap water, air, sea water, soil, shipment restrictions on drinking water and food have taken. Also due to the radiation substance, food made in Fukushima was avoided from a lot of people, cattle and pigs bask in the radiation have slaughtered, so farmer of Fukushima received a catastrophic damage. Also a lot of Japanese parent that have the radioactivity measuring instrument for children increased.
     Last I explain about the effects received to the foreign country from nuclear disaster. Effects of Fukushima nuclear disaster will spread to not only domestic but also widely overseas. Also it is difficult to understand for layman about the dangers of radioactivity In the case of overseas, it is especially hard to transmit the accurate information of Japan, so it is seem a little excessive reaction. Also some countries like India has stopped to import foods from Japan because they are afraid to the radioactive materials.
     Considering the circumstances mentioned above, the Fukushima nuclear disaster had a major impact on the Japan and the foreign country. And even now it is still continue to influence all over the world. So we should step up on the disaster area reconstruction from now on.



My mother’s family is lived in Fukushima City now too. I went to Fukushima city twice after East Japan Earthquake. Also Fukushima Nuclear Power accident is very big terrible. Many of people who lived in near Fukushima Nuclear Power were moved in near Fukushima City or another prefecture. Also many of students and children couldn’t go to park and playing sports in outside at least half or one year. I think most of people feel scary about Fukushima Nuclear Power. I feel Fukushima Nuclear Power should break and not open as soon as possible.
However Fukushima Prefecture is more and more reintegrating now too. If you have a time, please come to Fukushima and participate volunteer work in Fukushima too.

034 Hikohiko

Hi Puppy, I'm not a Figoni. I'm Bata. My PC broke, so I use teacher's PC and rite the comment your essay.
Your essay is easy to understand and the composition is neatly written. I understand about Fukushima well. I completely oppose to nukes. I hope that the world will become one without nuclear power and nuclear weapons. I hope people can to gain a footing on the continent of Fukushima.

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