Fukushima after the Earthquake

by tas on June 25, 2015 - 4:38am

Do you know about the Great East Japan Earthquake that happened in Tohoku area in Japan? Today, I would like to tell you about the earthquake and Fukushima nuclear power station. At the beginning, I will explain about the Great East Japan Earthquake, next I will tell you about an article of Fukushima nuclear power station, and lastly actual condition of the power station. I want you to think about after the earthquake with my writing.
At first, I will explain about the Great East Japan Earthquake. The earthquake hit Tohoku area on March 11th, 2011. After the earthquake, very big tsunami also hit the area, hereby this earthquake delivered huge damaging to Tohoku area. It befell at p.m.2:46.18, the moment magnitude was 9.0, it was the biggest earthquake around Japan. The tsunami’s peak was 40.1 meter, and it broke everything such as Fukushima atomic-energy power station’s turbine. The atomic-energy power station has a lot of problems still now.
Secondly, I will tell you about Fukushima nuclear power station. I didn’t know about it in a knowledgeable way, so I read an article. This article was about Fukushima after the earthquake. Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power station was damaged by tsunami, and it has a lot of problems still now. The power station was surrounded by 12 miles evacuation zone, so if they want to go inside the area, they have to wear special suits because of the area contaminated radioactivity. Many areas around the nuclear station is becoming roped-off area, so the victims by the disaster can’t go back their houses, because their house in the roped-off area. About 8,000 people were forced on evacuate their houses. I hope that they will be able to go back their homes.
Finally, I would like to tell you about actual condition of the power station. At the present day, the government effort to decrease radiological materials, but it is very difficult, so they need many times to rid these radiological materials. A lot of contaminated water extricate to the sea, Japanese government have to stop the contamination, so they decrease discharge amount of the contaminate water. I think they should more makes an effort for disaster victims.
In conclusion, many people and buildings were damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake. The earthquake destroyed everything from people in Tohoku area. They lost their house, family and friends. They are afraid of radiological materials. Fukushima unclear power station throw off a lot of radiological materials, so many people can’t go back home, because their houses in the roped-off area. I don’t have experienced like this, but we don’t know what moment big earthquake happen like the Great East Japan Earthquake. We have to consider about to damage by earthquake. I want you to consider to about the earthquake and disaster victims. If you get an experience big earthquake. We have to think about it what you should do. I hope the disaster area restore earlier, and disaster victims will be able to be happy.


I know this earthquake. My friend lives in Fukushima, so I called her then, but I couldn't talk with her. After 5days, she called me and she said "Don't worry, I am not die!!" I think earthquake is very dangerous and scary. I hope reconstruction earlier.

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The earthquake was very big. So east region people did receive various issues. Those are not easy issue, so they are suffering now. I watched and listened about the issues.
I wish the issues to be improve.

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