by 051 Minami on June 25, 2015 - 4:28am

Today I want to talk about deep and serious problem. It is not serious problem only Japan but also the world. Do you know about Fukishima’s situation? Do you understand it? I want a lot of people who live in the world to know and share this present state.

     It influences a large people even though pass away for four years from the East Japan great earthquake. There are several nuclear plants in Japan. Fukushima nuclear plants was one of them. However, this Fukushima nuclear plant became a decommissioning after the East Japan great earthquake. Now, 7000 workers a day work there, but it is thought that it takes 40 years to the decommissioning process. Moreover, there is a big ditch between civil and the company of the electric power. Needless to say, this ditch was made by the nuclear accident. As you can see, there are so many various outstanding problems in Fukushima and Japan. I fear that people will not interested in this problem because of passing of time. I think that media should be going to keep sending the world this problem of Fukushima.

First, I would like to talk about the cause of the damage of this Fukushima. Of course, it is the East Japan great earthquake that occurred on March 11, of course 2011. The damage of this earthquake that keeps afflicting people still now. All of people should not forget this day. Because large people’s daily life were lost from this day. Daily life became non-daily from this day. However, many people who living one earth helped us, so, we must not forget that people helped Japan.

Next, I want to tell about the problem of Fukushima. I found some article which wrote about influence of earthquake. It had a large influence on a lot of living things such as the person, animals, and the plants. For example, the shape of the vegetable and fruits has been transformed. Similar thing happened to the animal. Nature was lost from Fukushima due to the earthquake.



I could understand your eassay, so I knew the problem in Fukushima deeper. Frankly speeking, I don't know trouble of the big earthquake because I have never experienced bthe big earthquake. I think Japan should exclude nuclere plants because if the big earthquake is occered, we may suffer from nuclere probrem. But we use lots of nuclere power, so Iwe have to save electricity. We should remember this problem and tell children in the future about it. I think we. should improve Fukushima's place as soon as possible.

I could read your essay smoothly and understand easily. When we spend our ordinary life, we tend to forget big problems of Fukushima or don’t think about it, but I think we should think and help them. I wish days which are safety and happy return to Fukushima people.