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The Fukushima disaster



Risa Fukui


     In Japan, many kinds of natural disasters often cause. What happen to Fukushima and people who live in the prefecture some years ago? There are many problems in Fukushima, especially, The Great East Japan Earthquake, water problem and nukes. They have not solved yet, however it is the fact. What do Japanese people think about it? Today, I would like to talk about these serious problems. In addition, I want to look back the terrible happening and consider about it again.

     First of all, I would like to talk about the biggest cause for Fukushima. The Great East Japan Earthquake whose magnitude 9 hit Fukushima at p.m. 2:46 in March 11th, 2011. The earthquake was the worst natural disaster, the highest level of magnitude ever in Japan. It caused high Tsunami, about 15,891 people died and 2584 people are missing. Such as the natural disasters cause great damage and hardship to people. Lifeline was stopped, a large number of buildings were also broken.

After that, the nukes accident caused because of it.

Second, I would like to talk about the nuclear plant station. Tsunami attacked the nuclear power plant and generation device was broken. That’s why, the radioactive contaminated. Does it influence the other countries? Actually, it is said that the radioactive contamination has already spread out in East Asia, North America, Europe, and the other areas. It was the worst level 7, it means a serious accident. Most of the fuels in the station still melt down.

      Third, I would like to talk about its influence on the world economy. After all, there was the big effect. The World Bank said that the regions hit by the earthquake may need 5 years for reconstruction. In Republic of Singapore, the government said this earthquake might cause a big influence on the world economy. In addition, they pointed out the nukes accident might impair the reliability of consumers.

      In my conclusion, the earth quake left the large problem. The condition in Fukushima have not changed very much. There are many people who are suffering, live in temporary dwellings, have not recovered yet.

I was born in Kobe. As you know, Hanshin Awaji Earthquake disaster caused in January 17th, 1995. I was just a baby in my mother’s tummy, but I used to be taught my teacher about cruelty of the earthquake and sing a song on the day when I was an elementary school student. I have never experienced such large earthquake, but I know how terrible it is. To tell the truth, I don’t often think about people who live in Tohoku. Including me, we should consider about it and what we can do for them.  The accident influences on the world, but actually, many foreigners donated a lot of money to help with the re-establishment of farming on Tohoku.

This topic was very good opportunity for me to consider about The Great East Japan Earthquake again. I hope people will be able to live comfortably and the areas will recover their previous vigor.







Hello!! I am freshman. Nice to meet you. I understand your blog. I think that Japan has big problems. Especially I think that Fukushima’s Problem don’t solve yet, so Japanese government has to solve this problem soon.

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