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     In 2011, March 11th, East Japan including Fukusima prefecture had damaged due to the Great East Japan Earthquake when I was 3rd years junior high school. It made big impact in the world, and it is very serious problem. The magnitude was 9.0 and seismic intensity was max 7. In addition, after the earthquake, Tsunami which was about 40m big wave came and destroyed almost of all everything, people, building, and so on. Moreover, after the Tsunami, Fukushima nuclear power plant’s problem has happened. The number of dead and missing person are 18,470, and 398,997 buildings were completely and partial destroyed by this disaster. More than 400 thousand people took refuge and now, 219,618 people still take refuge. Therefore I want you to think about this disaster more deeply. I would like to tell you about 3 things in this paper. First, Fukushima nuclear power plant. Second, the Fukushima Water. Third, my opinion.

     First of all, I will tell you about Fukushima nuclear power plant. Many countries have nuclear power plant for electricity, because it is cheaper than thermal power generation. Moreover a nuclear power plant make a great deal of power from small splitting of the atom. In addition it not product CO2. Nuclear power plant seems good thing. However this idea was changed by some accidents. In 1986, April 26th, Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident was happened, and Fukushima has happened nuclear power plant accident because of Great East Japan Earthquake. The nuclear power plant had malt down, and the area of 2400cm2 has polluted. It takes much time to purify this area, and that cost is estimated about 280 billion dollar.

Next, I want to tell you about the Fukushima Water. I watched a movie. It was about Fukushima Water. I had never heard, but it was very interesting and surprising. Fukushima sea water and fresh water are called not clear due to Fukushima nuclear power plant’s happening. So people who is from Fukushima wants to change other’s mind about the water. They made Fukushima Water. It is an energy drink, but it is difficult other energy drinks. Fukushima Water is 30% stronger than other energy drinks, and it also has magnesium, calcium, mineral, and an additive concentration things. The company will sell all over the world. In the near future, maybe you can buy it on a slot machine.

     Finally, I want to tell you my opinion. The Great East Japan Earthquake was happened 4 years ago, in other words, 4 years passed. Some of people little forget about this earthquake. However, Tohoku area is not reconstruction totally. It takes more money and time to reconstruct. Tohoku area still has many problems, so we should not forget and fade this memory of disaster.

     In conclusion, I want you to do something for the Great East Japan Earthquake. Of course I want to do something for it. It is difficult for us to go to Tohoku area, but we can do for it, for example fundraising, volunteer, and so on. I think that Japanese people thinks more deeply about the Great East Japan Earthquake.


I think we musn't forget about the Great East Japan Earthquake. It had a great effect on our lives such as TV programs, donation and so on. Most Japanese people did something for Fukushim. For exampel, donation and volunteers. Some of foreign people became volunteers. I was happy to hear these news, but we should do somethng for it now. I hope everyone does do.

Thank you for your comment. I am really grad because you said that “we musn't forget about the Great East Japan Earthquake.” Of course, Japanese mast not forget it, and other countries people helped when disaster happened. We really thanks to you and others.

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