Dangrous of Fukushima

by Mariechan on June 25, 2015 - 4:34am

Dangerous of Fukushima (500~600wards)


Meika Wada


     I think Fukushima’s problem is very serious in the world. In March 11th 2011, there is very big earth quick in eastern Japan. It was my graduation ceremony of junior high school so when I went to my home and turned on the TV, I was very surprised because I had never seen very big tsunami such as the Great East Japan Earthquake. This extraordinary accident is bring down a lot of problem, so today I will write about Fukushima’s problem.

     This problem occurred when the plant was hit by a tsunami that had been triggered by the magnitude 9.0 the Great East Japan Earthquake. Furthermore, a hefty load of radioactive are unharnessed, and this radioactive level is 7, witch is very dangerous level, so 800 of 3000 work crews were dead by radioactive. Therefore people worry about damage of this radioactive. Moreover, that radioactive are diffusing all over the world by ocean. Therefore people are scared that they can’t eat the fish because if people eat the fish polluted by radiation, people have exerted some pressure. I think this problem is not only Fukushima but also all over the world problem, because radiation is expanding by the waves in all oceans.

      Do you know that dangerous of radiation? I think we have to understand it, because if you didn’t understand it, you might go to heaven. Radiation is a lot of dangerousness. It has two types of damage. First one is acute radiation damage. It has possibilities of burn, visceral bleeding, falling out of hair, infertility, and in the worst case go to heaven. Second one is chronic radiation injury. It has possibilities of cancer, leukemic disease, cataract, fetal harm, genetic disorder and so on. [i]There are similar accident in 1986, it is The Unclear meltdown at Chernobyl in Russia. According to the San Francisco’s group of researchers, they said that people who worked in Chernobyl,

The people who worked in Chernobyl 137 of the about 110 000 people they lead to leukemia and 79 of them, they were chronic lymphatic leukemia so researchers said the onset of leukemia it concluded that 16% is considered to be affected by exposure and worst 1 of cardiac disease dead rate in 2011 was Fukushima.For the reason, we will not

be able to rest until the matter is settle.

     In conclusion, we have to think about this problem more seriously because it is deadly important problem, so we don’t have to treat somebody else’s problem. Japanese government try to hide this problem, but actually many people were dead and increase risk for cancer so I think it is the most important things that protect oneself. Therefore we should measure a radiation level and wear mask and preferably avoid rain. I think the most important provision of radiation is research the right piece of information because if you understand it, you never eat polluted food and, you can avoid polluted place. I think this accident has still big problem but I believe that we can resolve this big problem.





I think research is very important thing. Earthquake is very dangerous, Hanshin Awaji Daishinsai too. I was born in Akashi January 18,1995, so before 1 day of Daishinsai. My mother said, then not water, not food and not gus. Earthquake reminiscent scary and dangerous and many people were died by Daishinsai. I hope to not happen Daishinsai...

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My mother’s family is lived in Fukushima City now too. I went to Fukushima city twice after East Japan Earthquake. Also Fukushima Nuclear Power accident is very big terrible. Many of people who lived in near Fukushima Nuclear Power were moved in near Fukushima City or another prefecture. Also many of students and children couldn’t go to park and playing sports in outside at least half or one year. I think most of people feel scary about Fukushima Nuclear Power. However Fukushima Prefecture is more and more reintegrating now too. If you have a time, please come to Fukushima and participate volunteer work in Fukushima too.

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