aging and fewer society

by 010 Takahiro on July 7, 2014 - 4:19am

In previous Japan society, there are terrible problems. One problem is called as fewer children society on the other hand is called as aging society. The causes of each problem are not same but each problem will cause to break Japanese society in the future.

In the future, we will have fewer children than 30 years ago. Total fertility rate shows how many children were born per a mother. The rate become 1.4, it shows a mother have 1.4 babies in her life. It called as fewer children society. It has terrible effect for the Japanese society especially young generation. If the number of children becomes fewer, they must pay much tax for government because there are not enough working people and government must pay pension old people. Between young generations, there is very serious problem: some of them don’t want to work. They have a lot of ideas not to work at company. For example, when their parents died, they left wealth so they don’t need to work because they have a lot of money to live. On the other hands, they don’t want to work for company or other people because they simply want to work for their salary. Their motivation for working is very low. After ending of the war, in Japan, a lot of people were working for Japan to revive with high motivation. They had a lot of target and it made them to do hard and constantly. On the other hand, lately young people in Japan don’t have target. They can’t think there will be a lot of good things in their future. Low motivation causes low employment rate, low unmarried rate and low birth rate. I guess perhaps to fix the problem of low birth rate needs to fix the problem of low motivation between young people. Al though, there is another serious problem in Japan.

In the future, opposite to the fewer children society, the rate of old people in Japan will grow larger. In 2020, the people who are older than 65 years old will touch about 29 percent of Japanese population. In addition, in 2035, they will touch 33.4%. It is called as Aging society and if it grows gradually, it will cause a lot of serious problems. At first, we need much money to control system of social security. We need much money to support elderly people though there are less young people than elderly people. So, it makes the tax raised. In the future, if we don’t have many children, we must pay much money for Japanese government. In the second, we will have to work until we become 75 years old. In fewer children society, there aren’t enough workers, it means might of nation is weaker. We will have to pay much tax but, even so, Japanese government won’t be able to correct enough money for social security. That’s why we will have to work until we become 75 years old.

I think perhaps the cause of fewer children society is on Japanese government. If it give enough money to grow up children to the people who have a baby, In Japan, there are more children than now. I hope it becomes better when I become older.


This is very interesting. The information seem reliable, and the statistics really help to understand the issue you are talking about. You have a nice vocabulary, but there are some common mistakes, although, they're not so important.

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