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by 033ryosuke on June 25, 2015 - 4:22am


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              In 2012, March 11, I took part in junior high school graduation. After finished it, I went back home and I watched TV. Then I wanted to watch my favorite TV program, but I could not watch it. That time all TV program focused on one things, the Great East Japan Earthquake. Probably I will never ever forget it, because I watched after east Japan faced great earthquake on TV. The news caster told us what time tsunami will come, after a while tsunami come to Fukushima. I thought tsunami was not so big. When earthquake happen around Japan or in Japan, the Meteorological Agency always publish their prediction what time tsunami may come and how height tsunami is. However almost all their predictions are not correct, so I couldn’t believe that very big tsunami come in Fukushima. Form now I would like to tell you about three things; tsunami came to Fukushima, how to correspond Japanese government, the present situation in Fukushima.

              First I am going to tell you about when tsunami came to Fukushima. This time’s tsunami is very big, and hit some place. I’d never seen tsunami like that, and some houses and buildings were carried away. Then many people took refuge from tsunami on a hilltop, while a lot of people took refuge from it on top of building, so they were carried away. I guessed that then they did not have enough time to go to hilltop or they did not believe that very big tsunami will hit their, and it did not come here. I had never seen a tsunami like that, so I was very surprised. I did not believe that huge tsunami hit in Japan. Tsunami hit nuclear power plants, then a lot of nuclear power leaked from nuclear power plant. Therefore many people cannot come back to their hometown till now.

              Secondly, I will tell you about Japanese government’s correspondence. This time’s Japanese principal was Naoto Kan, then he was criticized the party out of office because their correspondence was not rapidly. He went to Fukushima March 12th to inspect Fukushima nuclear power plant. That time, it is very dangerous place, because a lot of radiation leaked in there. At that time, Japanese government and Tokyo electrical power company, which is owner of Fukushima nuclear power plant did not have good relationship. Therefore he did not know detail about what happened in there. As a result, their correspondence was not always good.

              Finally, I would like to explain the present situation in Fukushima. As I said before, many people cannot come back to their hometown or home, because revival works are not finish. Moreover, many people lived in temporary residence house or moved to other prefecture, so they want this work to be making steady progress. They want to come back to their home rapidly.

              In conclusion, I would like you to remember that what happened in Japan, and think about their mind. And also I would like you to know about the present situation in Fukushima.


I read your good writing. I think that Japanese gouvernment didn't responce well when the great earthquake happened in Fukushima too. What do you think that what was good responce? I can't answer well. However, Japanese gouvernment should open all information for all people and all counpanies. If they do that, the support may be more quickly.I wanted they to be honest. Thank you for good writing.

Hello Mr. or Ms. Yuki. Thank you for your comment. I agree with your opinion that if Japanese government opened all information for all Japanese, some people might do support to them rapidly. By the way, do you know Japanese government made an act on the protection of Specially Designed Secrets. What do you think about it? I would not like you to say my writing report to good writing. Thank you!!

I read your essay. I thought you thought very well about the Great East Japan Earthquake. It happened when I was a second year student of junior high school. I was very surprised and shocked. After watching the TV which represents the scare of damage, I thought I want to help people live in Fukushima. Also, I want to do something for them now.

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