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by 032Kiei on June 21, 2015 - 8:58pm


I would like to tell you about Fukushima. What do you think when you hear the name, Fukushima? I guess that most of people think about one thing. There was a big earth quake a few years ago, and it has a big impact. I didn’t know what is happening in Fukushima now, and what other countries think about Fukushima. Therefore I researched about these things, and I want to tell you them. I have three things that I want to write. These are the big impacts given by the big earth quake, a current situation of Fukushima, and what other country think about Fukushima.
First, I will tell you about the big impact given by the big earth quake. It was occurred when I was a Junior high school 3rd year student. The day was our graduation ceremony’s day, so I’ve never forgotten it. Most of TV programs told this news. Everyone was panic. The earthquake gave a lot of things, not only earthquake, but also tsunami and nuclear problem. This news spread rapidly to around the world. How did foreign countries tell this news to people? Many countries told that the earthquake in Japan took a heavy toll of lives although Japan had high quality disaster prevention measures.” I think this expression had a big impact. Other countries trust Japanese high technology, but this earthquake gave a lot of damages to Japan. This earthquake taught us that we can’t predict and prevent natural disaster, although we have high technology.
Second, I want to tell you about a current situation of Fukushima. More than four years passed after the earthquake occurred. How did Fukushima change from four years ago? One article said that “Fukushima is still recovering” I can agree with this statement, of course, Fukushima became better, but still has some problems. Everyone should know about the problems, for example, damage caused by rumor, temporary housing problem, and nuclear power plant’s problem with TEPCO. The mass media sometimes takes these problems as a news, but the mass media doesn’t tell details. If we want to know the truth, we will have to search details by ourselves. We must not trust some news just watching TV news and newspaper.
Finally, I would like to tell you what other country think about Fukushima. Fortunately, many countries helped Japan as soon as after the earthquake occurred. Many people raised money for Japan, and volunteered. On the other hand, number of tourists from foreign countries decreased, because some of people thought Japan was dangerous, and had a serious problem. As I told you, it is also damage caused by rumor. Therefore we have to consider about what the mass media is. Moreover, we have to check what information is correct, and what information is wrong.
In conclusion, I suggest that everyone think about Fukushima more deeply, because Fukushima still have many problems although more than four years passed. One of the most serious problem is damage caused by rumor, because it is difficult to solve. We have to find true information by ourselves.
TEPCO = Tokyo Electric Power Company, Incorporated 
2015. 06. 18 access
2015. 06. 18 access


I agree with your opinion. I think we musn't trust the information of news and newspapers easily. The mass media say a lot of people disagree with the restart of nuclear power plant, but we shouldn't forget about the presence of people who agree with it. I have lived in Fukui for eighteen years old. I am sure that most people in Fukui agree it because they can benefit from it. I hope many people don't trust the information of the mass media easily and search by themselves.

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