Teachers should not be replaced by computers

by Konishi fan on January 26, 2018 - 12:32am

Do you think computers are useful for our lives? Of course, most people say yes. These days, our lives are surrounded by many electrical devices, and many workplaces adopt machines to work efficiently. Even now, more and more new machines are invented. These machines help our lives by development of technics. Development of electrical machines makes our life useful. Today’s children cannot think their lives without electrical machines. Such as smartphones, TV, personal computers. Vigor of computers do not stop. Now, some people say that computer should replace a teacher. I think You have heard about that. I think computers should not replace a teacher. The reason why computer should not replace a teacher is a teacher can teach children not only study but also feelings. A teacher also knows level of each student and has consideration. Do you agree or disagree? Then I am going to talk about teachers vs computers.

At first, I will talk about merits and demerits of computer. Using internet or tablets on education is expected to improve our academic ability. First of all, best merit is that computers can teach by using pictures, movies, sounds. Children can understand easily. Children have many interests about study when they can understand something. Another reason is if we cannot understand something, we can search many things in internet. In addition, children are accustomed to use computers. Now, many companies need people who can use computers and we have to use computer in many workplaces. If children can use computers, they do not have to worry about how to use computers in the future. Moreover, when computers adopt in education, government can decrease teachers. They can use money for other things. On the other hand, demerit is that all schools cannot adopt computers because to adopt needs much money. To adopt computer at some schools is unfair. Other reason is that increasing of system errors may happen. Even this university, some students go to media support center every day. If wi-fi is slow, children cannot do anything. If a laptop was broken, we have to wait long time to repair. In addition to bad effect for our body that is decreasing of our sight. It is serious problem.

Next, I will talk about merits and demerits of teachers. A teacher is inferior to computers only study. A teacher has limit to teach, but teacher can teach and listen to child’s feelings or thoughts. School is not to study only. School is to grow up children. If bullying happens, computers cannot solve it. Only teachers can support children. I think if children want to be clever, they have to go to private schools or use digital textbooks. In school, teachers have to teach children equally.

In conclusion, both of them have many good points, so I think teachers adopt some good points of computer. If students cannot understand what teachers say, teachers should use computer. To have a balanced study is important in education.





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