Discrimination of disable people

by Haruta on November 24, 2017 - 12:43am

Now, the discrimination in Japan exists yet. Actually, 84% disabled people feel they face with discrimination. (Asahi, 2017) We must not discriminate these people. We have to treat all people equally. This time, I want to introduce about discriminations of blind people and the people who use the wheelchair. I want to tell you about current situations of discrimination and how we can solve this problem.

Firstly, I want to tell you about what kind discrimination such as blind people and people who use wheel chair suffer from. I realized there are many discriminations against blind people who use guide dogs. According to the Asahi Shinbun(2017), 60% of them could not enter the public places such as restaurants, hospitals, supermarkets and so on. Some of these places insist they do not allow dogs or to concern about the customers who do not like dogs. One of the men who live in Saitama was refused to enter the temple. He explained this is a guide dog, nevertheless he was told “a dog is a dog in the temple. Physically handicapped people also face difficulties as well. For example, according to (The Asahi shinbun), the man with wheel chair was forced to use stairs when he got on the airplane in Amami airport by vanilla airline, so he used his arms to get on it. I did not know such discrimination was happened in Japan. Especially, I cannot understand the temple refused the person with wheelchair to enter. I believed such a place accept all people. I think these terrible people should not work in the temple and punished. Also, the airport had to support to get on the airplane. It is too dangerous for the people who use wheel chair to use stairs. Then, vanilla airline did not permit to use the equipment to support them. (The Asahi Shinbun) I cannot understand why they did not support. They should consider about to prevent these people injure when they use stairs. I hope such terrible thing never happen.

Secondly, I want to introduce how to solve the problem. According to Japan times (2017), the new law to prohibit from discriminating disabled people. This law’s aim was to make possible to support these people in public places such as to remove barriers. However, some places do not obey it. I think we have to make it more strict. We need to prepare equipment and people such as station attendants of station in public places need to support. Another solution is ‘education’. It is very important to introduce the situations of disabled people’s discrimination in the school, and it is more important to common people. For example, I think it is a good idea to give them training session. Especially, the worker who often encounter with these people such as the clerk of restaurants. For these people, the teacher who have knowledge of disabled people teach many things like how they can support, what they must not do, and so on. Finally, they should practice when they encounter with disabled people.

In conclusion, many disabled people suffer from the discrimination. On the other hand, some people said the situation was improved. Over 50% people said the system of allowance, building, transportation became better.(Asahi, 2017) Because of this, the law on eliminating discrimination against disabled people was built last year. Even the people who said discrimination still exists think the situation became better than five years ago. I think it is great the law was change to give support for disabled people, but we have to make them possible to enter every public places. I think it is very difficult to get understanding from some people and publicities, but we have to change this situation for disabled people that they can live in better situation.

Survey: 84% think disabled people still face discrimination
Survey: 60% of blind people with guide dogs face discrimination

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