Computers should not replace teachers

by Tomoyuki on December 22, 2017 - 9:22pm

In Japanese schools, there are many problems like bullying, child abuse and quarrel. The Ministry of Education sees computers replacing teachers as a problem. Why did they pick it up as a problem? This is because the cause has some reasons. The reasons are the machine is superior in the ability and it is more intelligent than teachers. In my opinion, computers are difficult to help students, so they should not replace teachers. From now, I will write why computers should not replace teachers.

First, I will mention one reason why computers should not replace teachers. It is difficult for computers to understand the students’ heart. According to Heba (2017), the teacher of computer robots does not have feelings. They are not able to help you to get over things and help you feel better, but the human teachers can, and the computer robot wouldn’t know what to do. I think that this problem has relation with the student guidance and student’s consultations. When teachers conduct the student guidance, they can understand some troubles of the students. I think the most important thing in school is to give students not only a good education but also a recognition of empathy. It is important for teachers to have the same feelings with students. In addition, understanding student’s heart like own heart is also essential for teachers. According to my experience, when I gave presentation in class, I was not able to say something in English, but my teacher supported me, and I was helped by him. Also, when I had many homework, I was not able to sleep well at night. On the next day, my teacher noticed about me and he said, ‘How are you?’. He was understanding my physical condition, so the teachers can have the empathy with students.

Next, I will refer to the second reason why computers should not replace teachers. As for the second reason, computers can’t lead students to good learners. According to Lindsay (2011), a computer cannot develop personal distinction between students. It cannot develop creative or innovative ideas for teaching materials in the new way. It cannot comment on papers, providing students with extremely valuable positive feedback or critiques. It cannot pull a struggling student aside and determine if there are personal issues related to his/her performance. I want to be a good teacher. Computers have great ability, but they don’t have ability to teach to students. Therefore, I think the teachers have better skills to teach than computers. Wendy (2013) was also said the same idea. “The idea that computers can never replace teachers and schools reveals a deep lack of understanding about the role leadership plays in student success.” Therefore, I want to be a good teacher.

In conclusion, it is difficult for computers to help students, so they should not replace teachers. I think there are a lot of disadvantages in computers. I wrote why computers should not replace teachers. It is difficult for computers to understand student’s heart and computers can’t lead students to good learners. Now, AI is gradually developing, but we should not rely on machines.

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Commented by Ikumi
Thank you for your writtng for this essay, and I could enjoy reading your's. By the way, your thesis statement is "Robots shouldn't raplace the teachers. ". However, in my opinion, teachers will be replaced the robots in the future. Some laboratories are tring to make new robots which contains AI. AI with unlimited hiden potentials, because they can learn everything from anything and they can save some knowledges on the bigdata. Sometimes teachers makes some mistakes and some children hates them, but robots doesn't make mistakes and they are not hated by children.
How do you think about AI in the future?

Thank you

I agree with you. I also think computers will never replace teachers. In my opinion, As AI technique glows more and more, the risk will be high. However, only human can understand human’s feelings or emotions. Teachers usually have to consider how students feel. On the other hand, computers don’t have a heart so that they cannot understand human’s feelings. This is the reason why you thought computers shouldn’t replace teachers, right? I enjoyed reading your essay. Thanks a lot.

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