Animals in danger of extinction!

by MoXv on November 14, 2017 - 12:25am

I am sure that you, who are reading this essay, really love animals. I love animals too. They are so cute, and they make us happy or relaxed. However, some of them are in danger of extinction because of climate change. According to scientists’ research, two-thirds of wild animals will disappear from the earth by 2020 (Jacky, 2016). Today, I am going to talk about what the effects of global warming on animals are, and how to prevent it.

Before going on to the main subject, let me give you some brief explanations of global warming. As you know, global warming is the rise of temperature on Earth. It is rising at nearly twice the rate than it was 50 years ago. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) found that one of the causes of global warming is several greenhouse gases, and humans emit these. For example, it is emitted when we drive a car. In addition, it is also emitted by factories and electricity production. One of the harmful gases is carbon dioxide which is also called CO2. The other one is methane released from landfills and agriculture. These gases make the earth warm and animals cannot adapt to the surroundings. From these information, it is obviously that most of the causes of global warming are related to our living. What I want to say is that we are forcing animals to live in a strict environment.

One of the dangerous problems of global warming is the effect on the animals. Several kinds of animals are suffering from overheating. For example, king penguins in sub Antarctic islands, or at the northern reaches of Antarctica. They usually eat small fish and squid. They are active throughout the long summer days in freezing area, so they have to combat with high temperature. If the warming does not stop, they will be dying because they cannot adapt to the warming, and moreover, their meals will be gone. Let’s see the other cases of animals in danger of extinction. For birds, they have to migrate and arrive at their nesting earlier than usual because of global warming. For sea turtle, they are suffering from sea level rising. To rise just 50cm could cause them to lose their nesting beaches. Sea level rising affects not only sea turtles but also whales and dolphins. Humans have already destroyed many of the natural migrations of animals. Many animals will disappear someday if we do not take action to prevent global warming.

Let’s think about what we can do to prevent global warming. I think it is important to control emitting greenhouse gases. I propose 2 ways. First is walking or using bicycles for traveling short distances as much as possible. It aims to reduce the usage of gasolines as well as the emission of greenhouse gases. We can stop emitting CO2 about 2kg per 1l gasoline (U.S. Energy Information Administration, 2017). Furthermore, it is also important to know exactly, how much CO2 is emitted in per day. In Australia, they carry out a policy toward global warming which measures the amount of CO2 in the air and reveal it to the public. It aims at promoting to the people to take measures to prevent global warming. I think it is an effective way, so we must follow them. Another one is to talk to your friends and families about the problems and solutions of global warming. I think it is important to send a message that you care about the warming world. Thanks to your voice, some people might pay attention to this problem. Moreover, if they also speak up about it, the more people will become an environment-friendly person.

There are some ways to prevent global warming, and even we can try. My second proposal is also the reason why I wrote this essay. I think the most important thing is that each one of us has a sense of crisis and to take actions against global warming. I hope people who read this essay try to pay attention to global warming, and let’s make an animal-friendly world! I am sure that it is also good for human beings to live in the earth forever.

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