Religion and Society

by Sarah B. on February 13, 2014 - 9:14pm

Each person should have his own rules about the place of religion in his live. Each individual is different and this diversity is very important. Consequently, it is impossible that everybody believes in the same thing. It is normal to say that different societies have different believes. However, the place of religion in one particular society cannot be the same for everybody because some people may be less practicing than others and some may believe in no religion at all. Rules about religion cannot be put into law if they have not the same meaning for everyone in the community. Also, different people with different religions and believes can live together in a society. The city of Montreal is a very good example because people coming from around the world and with different nationalities, cultures and religions are living among each other. Even if they are sometime separated in different districts, we can confirm that Montreal is a multiethnic society. Having these different religions is an advantage because it enriches the overall community. It also forces us to learn about believes and cultures of the world that we would not know otherwise. Furthermore, it encourages people to be open minded to others way of seeing the world.


Hi Sarah,
I completely disagree with you on multiple points that you have stated in your post. What really caught my attention is the fact that you think that different individuals practising different religions can live together in one same society. In my opinion people who do not share the same beliefs cannot be living close from one an other. So many narrow minded individuals are not able to accept that people can share different beliefs. The Crusades are great examples of wars that occurred between people who did not share the same religion. You also mentioned that Montreal was a good example to show that people with different religions are able to live in the same society. I,on an other hand think that the bill 101 proves otherwise.

I agree. People should have the right to be able to decide how much they practice their religion and I'd like to add that it is also part of our freedoms to decide. I also believe that even though we don't form laws because of religion (even though that's how our laws were originally made) that we can still base them on certain values that certain religions share.

i think that not everyone can have different rules about the place of religion in their lives because that would mean that people in a society would have different values and beliefs. i find that if the values and beliefs of a group aren't similar then they can't be considered as a society. I think people need to decide as a group to be able to live in a peaceful society.

I strongly agree with what you said. I believe that religion plays an important role in some people life's while not so much in others. We all practice different religions or don't practice any, therefore it is inevitable that we all have different values, beliefs, and point of views. I also agree with what you said that diversity is very important in a society. Religiously diverse societies makes the culture of a particular area rich and interesting! As you said, Montreal is a great example of this.

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