Religion acceptance

by Amanda C on February 13, 2014 - 7:59am

Considering we live in a multicultural country, we accept many different types of cultures/religions. I believe that we should allow others to practice their religion as freely as they wish to do so. However, they should do so in a respectful and proper matter. This can be an advantage to our society because it will allow diversity and it can lead to others being opened-minded. In its own way, religion provides us with many life lessons and can guide an individual. We all have something that is important to us, to some people religion is something they value, we as a society should not be able to dictate which religion in particular an individual should have to practice. We all have rights and freedom and practicing religion is one of them. Therefore, as a society we should not turn our heads to the different religions there are out there, instead we should support and accept it in order to obtain a more knowledgeable ambience.


I understand that religions is a way of living for many and that we shouldn't oppose to them, but some religions have principles or values can contradict certain laws of the country or of the human right. There is also a lot of debate in education and if they are allowed to have their symbols.. we shouldn't change laws and our principles just for a particular religion and all, but i still agree that we should do our best to support the ones that do not interfere with laws of the country.

I agree with you. I believe that bringing many cultures together can help open up our minds and that as with anything everyone is free to do as they please as long as they don't start stopping someone else from being free. I believe also that by being part of a multicultural society we are able to know more about other cultures and religions and this allows us to understand more why there are certain practices and that it is all about having an open-mind.

It is true, we are a multicultural country and as you mentioned, everybody is free to practice his religion. Yet, it is important that this practice does not affect the human rights of others. Also, I love how you describe that we are a society and that we should support each other.

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