Quebec/India nationalist movements

by gab15478 on April 4, 2014 - 6:51pm

                                                 Quebec/India nationalist movements


In these two countries, nationalism appeared as important groups, in order to defend interests of minorities, as Quebec francophone’s and Indian Muslims. Muslims in India represented the minority of the population, like Quebec, that represents only 8 millions of people over a total Canadian population of 35 millions. Both minority position leads to separatist movements supporting the idea of a new country where they will be able to take their own decisions by themselves. Jinnah claimed in 1940, that Muslims must create their own country. Like Quebec, “Muslim population of India happens to be concentrated in certain defined areas which can be easily severed from the rest of India”( That is also the situation of French-Canadians, that are, for the most part, concentrated in the province of Quebec. This situation makes easily a separation and this is exactly what happened with Pakistan, the new Muslim country separated of India. Renee Levesque and Jacques Parizeau both claimed to separation of Quebec, but they failed by both, in 1980 and 1995, through a referendum.                                         GABRIEL POUDRETTE


I totally agree with you that that the populations of Quebeckers and Indian Muslims are similar, due to the fact that both of them are minorities who would like to be able to separate themselves from their country, in order to make decisions by themselves. One thing that you didn't mention is that Quebeckers are not ready to separate from Canada due to the fact that even if they are a minority, a majority of them still wants to stay united their country, which was not the case for Muslims.

I agree in you saying that the similarities between India and Quebec is a concern of minorities. I would like to add that Quebec is taking their own decisions but to an extent. At the time Muslim population did not had as much liberty as Quebec in Canada. This lead to protests and violence which is not the case in Quebec.

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