Quebec and India

by matthewburelle on April 2, 2014 - 9:12am

Quebec is very simmilar to India in many different ways. in both of these places, there are two groups with different cultural and historical backgrounds, and in both of these cases, there is one group that is much larger than the other. In india, the hindu people represented a much larger portion of the population than the muslim people, just as in Quebec, the french speaking population is much larger than the english speaking population. one of the differences is that the muslim part of india seperated and became pakistan whereas Quebec never seperated from the rest of canada

To me, in no case is it necessary to divide country's as such. Language and religion are definetly things that can create a person's identity, but it does not mean tha tthey can not live in harmony with others. Awareness is key. once people are aware of what the real issue at hand is, they can work together towards a common goal. I think that in Quebec, there never was any real real issue. in a society that is working towards globalisation, and getting everyone to work together towards a common goal, separation just seems like swimming upstream with no real reason. why exclude ourselves from the rest of the world and focus so much on preserving our language when what we should be doing is learning the most languages possible and learning about different people around the world, to be able to understand and appreciate other's point of view, and to be aware of what the real issues actually are. 


I really like how open and personalised you have made this article and how you emphasize on your "key" to understanding. Very original. It definitely makes a move towards unexplored ideas and inspirations.I also agree that there has never really been a real issue in Quebec in the way that as time went by throughout generations quebecois detached themselves from the idea of a nation that has been taken from them by the english because they have become aware that the best way to live is in communion with the rest of Canada. Furthermore, while trying to write about a similar topic yesterday, I was trying to find the main arguments for the sovereignty of Quebec and could only find language,culture and the idea of a due nation. After reflexion, I realised that even if Quebec never achieved sovereignty it has remained a very unique province of Canada, it has kept its language and like you said, it now works hand in hand with the rest of Canada to grow its economy. Awareness is a key and unity definitely seems like the answer as everyone got the most of what they were looking for in the beginning.

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