Minorites should be supported!

by MathieuGrover on April 2, 2014 - 10:14pm

Just like in Canada, in India and in almost every country, there happens to be some minorities and majorities. In India, the Muslims were minorities for a long period. The Hindus were way more and had more power and control over India than the Muslims. That is why many groups were created, just like the Muslim League, to support the Muslims and to help them gain their rights. At one point Pakistan was created for the Muslims to have freedom of their values and  their religion.  It is the same for the French Canadians who want Quebec to be a country so they can have their own values and be recognized for who they are and not as simple Canadians. There is also a similar situation in Quebec with the citizens and the Aboriginals. For a long time, the Aboriginals have been tossed by the government. It is only in 1995 that the Aboriginal gained their rights and protection because of the Quebec Referendum. They might not have their own country like Muslims, probably cause their population is too small, but they have their own part of territory in Quebec and are allowed to practice and transmit their culture and they have fought for it just like Muslims did. They also have the Aboriginal Affairs Secretariat which is  a group that makes sure that there is a good link between them and de government of Quebec. It's always important to support minorities because even if they are not many, they still have rights and it's also better to support then to oppose and create more conflicts.



Although your comparison reflects the situation adequately, i believe that the gouvernment cannot have a large role in preventing conflicts, it is up to the different communities to support the minority as they are the only ones who can stop the conflicts.

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