Comparison; India/Pakistan and Canada/Quebec

by Amanda C on April 2, 2014 - 10:12pm

It is quite simple to begin making the comparison on the similarities that India/Pakistan and Canada/Quebec have in common. For instance, the first comparison we can establish is that these two countries, India and Canada were both colonized by British. Another similarity that can be taken into consideration is the fact that when we look at Canada, Quebec plays the minority role in our country. This is similar to India and how Muslims play the minority role while Hindus play the majority role. In the articles that we were handed, they mention how Jinnah first supported the Muslim Hindu unity, however he then became a part of the Muslim league because he realized how both Hindus and Muslims were different and that the two couldn't live together (Bary and Hay). On the other hand, Ghandi was for the Muslim and Hindu unity without the British. This goes to show how one person was for the Muslim league and were for the minorities being on their own. This is similar to Quebec's point of view and how they are minorities in Canada and they would like to separate in order to become their own country where they will no longer feel like minorities. When analyzing the constitution aspect, the articles suggest that Hindus and Muslims were brought together under the democratic system, however Muslims will still remain as minorities and Hindus will still rule (Bay and Hay). This is exactly why Quebec would like to separate from Canada so they can no longer be minorities and they can create their own democratic system where they will not have to follow any Canadian rules.


Citation: Sources of Indian TraditionVolume II: Modern India and Pakistan, edited by William Theodore de Bary and Stephan Hay, Columbia University Press, 1988


I like the fact that you mentioned that most of the quebecers want the independence because they are tired to be in minority. We can observed that it is the same reason why Muslims were tired to be in the same country as Hindu, which were taking almost all the decisions. It would be interesting to add that the number is not the only argument in the balance. Some quebecers also claim that they have an unique culture and they want to preserve it. As you said, those people want to have their rule so it could be adapted at their needs, just as Muslims with Pakistan.

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