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by Éloïse Corbin on April 1, 2014 - 3:16pm

For the past forty years, Quebec has toyed with the idea of sovereignty. Some citizens strongly agree that Quebec should now be a country. The nationalist movement praises the concept of independence because its members believe Quebec should be a country to promulgate its own laws. Nowadays, there are laws that rally consensus in both, Quebec and Canada, such as the Charter of Rights and Freedom. To a certain degree, we can compare this Quebecois nationalism with the Pakistan nationalist movement. Pakistan also wished to separate from India. Its motivation was based on religious and language issues. Today, Pakistan is now a country and is separated from India, but Quebec is still a province of Canada. In the past, relations between Pakistan and India had been strained by a number of historical and political issues. On the other hand, there are no major conflicts like this between Quebec and Canada that should lead to the independence. The idea of the sovereignty is not against Canada but for Quebec. If Pakistan wanted to be independent for a lot of several reasons, Quebec mostly want political independence.


Hi Eloise,
the comparison you have made is really representative of the situation in both countries. However, here in Quebec, in the 1800's, there has been major conflicts for Quebec nationalism with the patriots. Therefore, nationalism has been a big issue in Canada too, a long time ago. I like the idea you brought about sovereignty being for Quebec and not against Canada. It compares well the purpose of both countries for separation.

Hello Éloïse,
I find interesting the fact that you specified that only Pakistan is now independent, whereas Quebec is still in conflict regarding this issue. Also, the fact that you talked about the goal of political independence of Quebec is a very actual subject. Indeed, the process of provincial elections brings up the question these days. You also said that we can compare both movements of nationalism only up to a certain degree, I guess we will see if the movement is strong enough to reach its goal (sovereignty) just like Pakistan did years ago.

Hi Elouise,

Talking about sovereignty was a great idea of comparison. It was actually well explain the fact that Quebec wants to quit Canada to finally be apart. However, in my opinion, I think Quebec is not ready to become on its own such as Pakistan since becoming a country is a great idea of freedom, but represent a lot of responsibilities and recreating all the main structures that Canada was offering us. It's an idea that needs to be reflected.

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