A Comparison

by Charles-Philippe Labbé on April 1, 2014 - 7:57pm

Both India and Canada have been a British colony. Where Canada’s problem began when the English came, India’s problem is at the heart of the country. The separation in Canada is mostly in Quebec (where the colony was at the time) and it is between english speaking people (which came from Britain) and the french speaking people (which came from France). The separation in India is between muslims and hindus, and is not located a particular region. In Quebec, some have the idea to make our province a country but it is not the majority who share this thought. While in India, there was much greater part of the population who was muslims and a leader to help them have their own country.


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Most people may said that the British were the main problem of Quebec and India. However, you make a good point by saying that in Idia the problem was already there and in Quebec they were the main cause of conflict.

You are right when you say that is not everybody that want the independence of Quebec and it creates tension. If we look at the relation between Muslims and the idea to have their own country, it seems that they all want the same thing and so, they attend to have it while the independance of Quebec is still a question that demand some review. As you said, British had a role to play in both country. As it is for the tension between French and English, I think the history background is not a valuable reason to see that much problems and hatred between both nations. Muslims and Hindu focused on their difference of way of living while French and English only have the difference of language.