Views of history(India vs Quebec)-very similar

by brunohachem on April 2, 2014 - 9:23pm

Countries history, culture and population can be different from another, but as well very similar. Quebec and India have some similar things as well as different. First, for many years, the French people, great minority in Canada, in Quebec have been fighting to be seen and represented. Presently they are a majority in Quebec, but a great minority in Canada where most people speak English or other languages. Now if we look at India, its quite similar to Canada where the French fight against the English except that in India, it’s the Hindus and Muslims who have conflict between them. They have different point of views, such as religion and laws. Each group wanted to manage their own country and make their own decision. This is similar to the French who wanted to separate form the rest of Canada to make their own decision made. 

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