by alexandregarceau9 on April 2, 2014 - 10:56pm

In Canada, the province of Quebec is probably the most interesting province there is, why? Because there is two types of person in Quebec and they are the francophone and the Anglophone. The francophone, already being a minority in an Anglophone country, fear the lost of their values as a result of also becoming a minority in Quebec too. However, the francophone have a lot of similarities with the Anglophone when it comes to values and beliefs, making this fear... surd. Since, the years have passed and there is still no sign of possible conflict or major conflict. The francophone probably have a lot historical anger towards the Anglophone (considering the rough history between the French and English) nowadays but now they are both living under the same constitution without trouble, thus we could say that there is more fear than harm caused. These two ``different nations`` are quite similar to the Hindus and Muslims in India. Indeed, Hindus don’t have the same values or the same beliefs but the both thought at one point that they needed to separate the two ‘nations`` to leave in happiness. Again, the same situation is happening in India. Even if both of the nations share different values or religion, they still have similarities and like Quebec they most put their differences aside and focus on what could bring them together as one whole nation. Even if it’s in Quebec or India, the world is fulfilled of separist mentalities, when at the end of the line, it is their common aspect that will make live a happy life all together in peace. Who knows... It may have its advantages!


Sources:Pakistan or the Partition of India by B.R Ambedkar (http:/


You summary of the Hindus-Muslims situation is pretty completed. You explained everything the reader needs to know to understand the conflict in India. The different values and the different beliefs are the reason why they were fighting and still do nowadays. But, when you are talking about Anglophone and Francophone in Quebec, you said that they have the same values and the same beliefs in general. For the beliefs, I think that it's truthful. But, personally, I don't think that they have the same values. Yes, they have some in common but the conflict between Anglophone and Francophone still remains in Quebec and it's because the two communities want different things due to their values.

When you compared the english and french, i dont think that they share the same beliefs. Their values are not entirely the same. Overall you covered most of the topic and its was good overall