by Alesia Piccolino on February 12, 2014 - 7:45pm

Althogh being of a relatively young age, it seems that since the dawn of time religions have been the genesis of many of the worlds bloodiest conflicts.

For this reason alone, I believe that each individual should practice their religious customs at home and at their place of prayer. In  a country like Canada that is composed of people from hundreds of countries and an equal amount of religious beliefs there cannot be place for all these religious beliefs in all the public assemblies.

This may be the only hope to have a relatively peaceful society because most religions are basically a set of rules to actually abide by in order to make you a better person and to live in harmony with other people.





I agree with your arguments that religion has been the origin of many of the worlds bloodiest conflicts and that it should be something practices in private at home. Society cannot accommodate all these religions, especially in a melting pot of a country such as Canada.

I agree with your opinion about keeping religion practiced at home and not in social areas. Our society is far from fully understanding all religions, let alone accommodating all their practices.

Although religion has been the cause of many conflicts a perfect example the thirty years war, yet considering that Canada is known for its diversity its impossible to supress the population of their religious expressions to benefit a minority of people. In a sense its taking away the people's freedom of expression, which by law is their right.

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