Post#2: Comparison India/Quebec

by Carmelle Parent on April 2, 2014 - 10:32pm

Looking back in the past of the two countries, both India and Quebec were ruled by the British. This control the British had on the Indians and the citizens of Quebec lead both of these populations to want their leaders out, after they realized that their presence was simply a continuous abuse of their local goods. A sum up of all kinds of overpowered actions made by the British is the origin of the first nationalist movement from both of these countries.

Thus their origins, India and Quebec share other similarities, such as the majority and minority problem within their territories. In India, it is represented by the two religious groups, the Hindus and the Muslims. Hindus are in majority and possesses more power in the political view than the Muslims do. Muslim kept in the shadow of the Hindus, until Jinnah took them out of it and lead them, as their father, to the creation of Pakistan. In Quebec, the division is made between French and English. The French and the English both envisioned separate vision of the future of the country, which create conflicts with one another. However, the end is not yet the same for Quebec than it was for India.



I like the point that you made with the british, that both Quebec and India were ruled by them, but I think you could of say Canada and also at the end that Quebec will maybe separate from Canada. Overall it's a good post!

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