Is it better to be united or divided ?

by FelixBrault on April 2, 2014 - 9:14pm

The territory of Canada and India are similar, yet different in many ways. Both of them have or had a minority and a majority in their country which are separated because of many cultural differences like religion and language. In India, Hindu had a bigger population than the Muslim while in Canada, the English population outnumbers French population.


Although both of them wanted to separate from their country so they could protect their culture and language, only the Muslim did and created another country in the end, Pakistan. The main differences between those two situations was how they were managed by their country. With the changes India's government did with time it made Muslim feared to lose their culture to the Hindu's. When compared to Canada, Quebec has its own constitution and has laws protecting french, which makes their culture safe.


Even if living in harmony with differences is hard, with common goals and by helping each others the situation seems way better, like Quebec. The Muslim saw themselves as completely different from Hindus and had trouble living and working together. They felt that they were part of completely different communities that worked independently.


In the end, French and Muslim went in two different direction. The French remained in Canada, which was most likely a good thing when we look at our economic state. While the Muslim, probably also did the right move by forming Pakistan and following Jinnah thought that it was necessary ''in order to ensure the survival and development of Islamic culture and law''(Sources of Indian TraditionVolume II: Modern India and Pakistan p.225). Indeed, being united is or is not better depending on the situation when compared to being divided.


I agree that both countries did the right thing concerning the division of territory. Sometimes, separation is required like it was for Pakistan but in the instance of Quebec, it is not mandatory. We are stronger if we stay together.

I agree that being divided sometimes can be beneficial, as we see where the Muslims forming Pakistan, but sometimes it is not the right choice. Quebec shouldn't separate (anyways it won't) because as Sophie Labrie said in her comment "We are stronger if we stay together". Also Canada won't be known as a French country because if it was not for Quebec, it would be considered an English country (most French are in Quebec).