India/Quebec comparisons

by alexandragagne2 on April 2, 2014 - 9:48pm

In my point of view India and Quebec have many similarities regarding their past and present situation about minorities and majorities. First of all, an important event that occurred in India is that England drained India wealth’s by taking their raw material, transforming it in England and then selling the finished product back to in India. Therefore, Britain derived greater profit from India’s resources than they did. We can compare this to the situation of the Native Americans when the British came to start the trade of fur with them and then taking all the resources of the indigenous people. The two nations took advantages of a minority population with no power. Another comparison will be about what Gandhi once said "Because we are majority we should be generous toward minority". Gandhi was for the unity of the two nations Muslims/Hindu and was actively involved with minorities and poorer people. Quebec has similarity because we welcome many different ethnicities and try to work with them to make no discrimination to minorities. This point is also related to what Jinnah said about Muslim and Hindu two nations, that they have enough in common to be united. To compare with what he said, Canada also live with two nations within one, the English and the French people, these two populations are now melted in one society and live well together. 


I agree with the fact that majorities are constantly trying to overpower minorities who live on a common territory. When the British came to India, they were coming to "help" Indians and bring them riches but ended up taking the authority. The Indians found themselves almost powerless, strangers in their own land. The same kind of phenomenon happened in Canada with the Native Americans and the British. The British wanted to assimilate the Natives, to convert them and to change their lifestyles. They felt they could do so because they were richer and believed they had more knowledge. In my opinion, this desire to control and to possess territories of the British was present in both India and Canada.

I agree with what you said about the French Canadians and the English speaking Canadians both living well together. However, there is a continuous debate between the two for independence. This has not resulted in violence like in India but rather in a more peaceful discussion.

I agree that India and Quebec have many similarities, but if your comparing them, you should also talk about their difference. One difference between India and Quebec is that Quebec independence was non violent (conflict was disputed in a peaceful way). Except for that, in general, I agree to your argument.

I agree with what you said, and your comparision between the India and British, and Native Americans and the British made total sense. Though, I do not fully agree with your last point (the English and the French live well together). Recently, due to the elections and different leaders points of views, there has been a lot of discrimination from the French with regards to the English. No big chaos has arised, though both do not live in such harmony.

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