by gabriella tavernese on April 2, 2014 - 10:34pm

Political and social disagreements have always existed within a nation. Different opinions on religious, political and nationalist views create a division within communities of people who work and live together every single day. Tensions seen in India between the Hindu/Muslim groups can be related to the French/English ongoing debate in Quebec. Many political figures such as Mohandas Gandhi and Mohammed Ali Jinnah, who both have had a big influence on the Indian people, both had different views on how India had to be governed and how the Indian people should live. They had both once believed in Hindu/Muslim union, and that the only way for India as a whole to strive and become its own nation, was to be unified within all peoples. After time, Jinnah’s views had changed, and supported the idea of more Muslim presence within government. This support towards a minority in India can be related to the support certain political parties have towards the English minorities here in Quebec. There has always been an issue between protecting the French language with the increase of immigrants in the province, and the ongoing struggle with finding and middle ground between the English and French communities. Many believe in the unity of both cultures, which they say really shows the diversity and uniqueness of this Canadian province, although others believe in the separation of this province from the rest of Canada in the aspiration of creating a country of their own. Just like in India, these two different groups live and work together every day.


I agree that differences, will not prevent people from working and helping between each others. But in India, Muslims felt like were divided from the Hindu like they were part of another nation. After the British period they had no goals to strive for together, making them work in their corner of India like they were completely different.

Yes they do have many differences between each other. However, the Muslims feel as if they are being put aside from the Hindu's.

I strongly believe in the unity of as you stated in your text and that it does bring uniqueness and diversity. However, because of this diversity it causes many different opinions and views therefore making the decision process and arriving to a definite conclusion much slower. I do not believe that the separation of Quebec is an ideal solution because the diversity would still be vibrant in Quebec and therefore creating an English minority which may also cause some problems.

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