India/Pakistan comparison with Quebec/Canda

by Alesia Piccolino on April 2, 2014 - 9:36pm

The Current issue with the PQ imposing the Charter of Values has caused many debates on whether or not this violates the Consitution. They say that religious preference should not be showed in their workplace. The PQ's main objective is to separate from Canada. We can relate this issue with the history of India and Pakistan. They were two groups living in the same territory/country. The Hindus and Muslims were distinct from one another and were in dispute. At the time Gandhi was a very powerful and popular man that supported Hindu/ Muslim unity by communicating and non violence. Gandhi also wanted the people of india to run their own country and not by the Britsh, he wanted them gone. Just some time after, came a man named Muhammed Ali Jinnah who came to india with the thought of supporting Hindu and Muslim unity but then drastically changed his mind to being part of the Muslim League. Jinnah changed his motivation because he realized how different the both groups were not only by religion but by their way of life. This fact can compare well with the current issue with Quebec because the British did rule them for a while and felt their identity was being stripped from them. The issue with the multiple religions that are present in Quebec compares to India because the majority one will want to flourish and the minorities will start questioning their say.

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I agree with you because it is true that one of the major similiarities between Quebec and India is the presence of many different cultures. Both had or have nations that desire independance, to separate. Every group of people who shares a common ancestry wants more power, wants to be the strongest and wants to preserve their national identity, such as their language and their religion. Furthermore, concerning the Charter of Values that is currently being debated in Quebec, I believe it does not respect the Canadian Constitution because it violates one's freedom of religion and one's freedom of expression. The goal of the Charter was to put everybody on the same level but all it ended up doing was creating a rift between the Quebec population. Like in India between the Muslims and the Hindus, their is a lot of political tension in Quebec.

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