India and Quebec on Injustice and Imperialism

by Megan Liu on April 1, 2014 - 9:26pm

    Injustice regarding human rights and liberties have always been omnipresent in all countries around the world throughout history. Colonialism and imperialism can be considered a form of injustice because of the dominance of a country on another that may be forced upon, unnecessary and unwanted. Canada has had several debates questioning the relevance and potential benefits of Quebec's independence, whereas India has strived for many years for their freedom from the British rule. Because Quebec feared its french culture's depreciation, some of its individuals demanded their province's independence in order to avoid its diminishment considering the rest of Canada does not grasp the same cultural values as Quebec does. Furthermore, India's situation somewhat correlates to Quebec' sort. However, India' struggles were far more exceeding and meaningful to the historical making of their country today. Mahatma Gandhi led India's independence in 1947 with his non-cooperation and non-violence concepts that guided the Indian population into freeing themselves from the British imperialism. Gandhi brought Hindus and Muslims together as brothers to pacifically fight alongside each other for their freedom. Gandhi also proposed the concept of "Swaraj" so India could be self-governed or self-ruled in order to get rid of the British domination. So, both Quebec and India desired recognition in order to avoid losing their cultural values and traditions displaying their own proper identity.



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I agree with you're facts about India and it wanting freedom,but Quebec becoming a sovereign state is nothing more than a group of individuals wanting to exclude a minority of the population. Considering that more than half the Quebec population are bilingual, can speak french and repsect the french culture I do not see how it is being ''threatned''. This is my personal opinion though but you're post brings up important points in general.

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