India and Canada: nationalist movements

by Kamal Koushal on April 2, 2014 - 10:54pm

We can all agree that Canada and India are different in many ways such as for their respective history, geographical area, culture, and much more. However, those two seemingly different countries had similar conflicts within the communities living there. In Canada, the French-Canadian nationalist movement brings up the idea that the province of Quebec should be independent from the rest of the country. The reasoning behind it is often due to cultural differences such as the language. The French-Canadian nationalists can join political movements such as the Parti Quebecois or the Bloc Quebecois to share their opinions and ideas. As for India, even before the British rule, there were many issues between two large communities in India: the Hindus and the Muslims. The differences between these communities are even more flagrant because of the language, religion, and culture background. These two groups were also faced with nationalist movements against each other. For instance, the Partition of Bengal suggested in 1905 would let a Muslim majority in the province of Bengal be independent from the rest of the country. Issues and protests arise within the Indian community, because it was believed that this was just a way for the British to further divide the country. This, however, led to a more Muslim nationalist movement, the Muslim league.


These nationalist movements demonstrate how much any country can be affected by different communities colliding with each other. As for Pakistan, a Dominion since 1947 mostly composed of Muslims was made possible with nationalist movements, is it possible for Quebec to reach the same independence?


Like you have mentioned the major similarity between Quebec and India is the different cultures that appear in both territories, and the beginnings of national movements. The differences are seen, like you said in language, culture and history but the major difference would be the Muslims reached their independence and Quebec is trying to.

I like the way you indroduce the differences between Quebec and India and then come to the similarities, that way, we can see that these places are very different but can have similarities. Very good post!

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